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Scholarship Committee Handbook


Committee Structure

Student sitting in the Paterno Reading Room

What is the charge of the Committee? The charge for the Scholarship Committee is to review and select recipients for the University Libraries' scholarships.  In addition, the Committee is charged with promoting the Libraries' scholarships throughout the University system.

Who are the current Committee members?

Scholarship Committee members for the 2015 award cycle include:  Beth Theobald, chair, Jennie Levine Knies, and Linda Ballinger. 

What is the history of the Committee?

There has been a Scholarship Committee appointed every year since 1982.  There are at least two members retained from the previous year’s committee on the new committee for continuity.  In 1997, the Committee gained a staff member appointment and was broadened to include a Commonwealth Campus member as well.

Who can be appointed to the Committee and who makes the appointments?

The Dean makes appointments based on recommendations from the Assistant/Associate Deans.  Committee members are officially appointed by the Dean of University Libraries and Scholarly Communications.

How many appointees?

There are typically 4 to 6 appointees.  Appointees can consist of up to three faculty members and one staff member.  The Committee should include at least one Commonwealth Campus appointment.

When are Committee members appointed?

The new Committee is appointed in July, after the previous year’s recommendations have been submitted to the Dean.  This schedule is in order to keep the Scholarship Committee appointments in the same cycle as other University Libraries’ committees.

Who is designated as chair, and is that an appointed position as well?

The chair is appointed by the Dean and it usually is a continuing member from the previous year’s committee.

How are the results of the Committee reported and to whom?

The Committee’s results are reported to the Dean of University Libraries and Scholarly Communications via memo.

When and how often does the Committee meet?

In the past, the Committee met after all scholarship applications had been received; usually in May and usually only met once.

With the appointments made in July, the Committee now meets several times throughout the year to discuss matters relating to publicity of the Libraries' scholarship as well as to revise Committee posters and other publicity materials.

What is the deadline for distribution of the poster?  How is it distributed?

Usually posters are distributed in March to Libraries’ departments, campus locations, and the Financial Aid Office.  Committee members handle distribution of the posters and other publicity materials.  In order to reach all student Libraries' employees at campus locations the Committee must work through a librarian or staff member at each campus for distribution purposes. 

Updates to the descriptions of the University Libraries' scholarships in the Office of Student Aid brochure need to be submitted to that office by April.

Updates to the Committee’s Web page can be made throughout the year.

What are the deadlines for receipt of applications and letters of reference from the candidates?

Letters of application are due to the Dean by the end of the last day of classes in Spring Semester.  Applicants are to ask their references to send letters of recommendation to the Dean by the same date.

How are the candidates notified and what is the deadline for notification?

After the Dean receives and reviews recommendations for awards from the Scholarship Committee, letters are prepared and sent to all applicants--those receiving an award and those not receiving an award. These letters are typically sent by June 1.



Where is the poster posted?

It is up to the departments and campuses which receive the poster to post it.  In addition to the poster, areas will receive table tents.  The University Libraries' Website coordinator may be contacted about publicizing the Scholarships in the spotlight cycle on the University Libraries' Website.  

What forms of advertising are used?

The Libraries' Public Relations and Marketing Office (PRaM) does create a press release and sends to the Newswires, Collegian, and internal Libraries messages.  The Committee sends email messages to student lists.

Other outlets may include: Webpages; having Committee members participate in University Career Days; developing a 8.5"x11" flyer to be posted on strategic bulletin boards in the HUB, Kern Graduate Building, as well as other undergraduate gathering places; and advertise in Commonwealth Campus news publications.

[See Scholarship PR Process]


Scholarship Fund Descriptions

How is the amount available for the scholarship awards determined?

In April, the Dean’s office receives the estimated income for each of the scholarship/awards from E-Steward via the Libraries' Development Office. The Libraries can only spend the interest earned on each award.  The balance remaining from last year (if not all was awarded) and the interest accrued throughout the year is what is available for spending.  The Committee decides on the amount based on the monies available.

How is the amount available divided among the scholarships?

Each scholarship/award earns its OWN interest.

Who monitors this amount?

Liberal Arts for the Conner and Shibley awards; and Kimlyn Patishnock, Senior Director of Administrative and Financial Services, for the Faltz-Miller Scholarship.

Where are the funds held?

Loans and Scholarships Office, Bursar’s Office.

When should the amount of award be determined?

The amount is determined when the Committee meets to review applications and select recipients.  Typically this is during the second or third week of May.

How are the funds distributed to the candidate and when?

Funds are distributed to the candidate through the student’s account.  The Libraries' Development Office disburses the award via E-Steward to the student's account. The amount awarded is usually split in half and distributed over two semesters to the student.  The first semester is usually the fall semester following the selection of the recipients.

Would it be possible to draft a brief history of the endowment of each fund?

For further information relating to the inception of each endowment see the documents titled The Martha Conner Memorial Fund, Adma Hammam Shibley Memorial Scholarship in Library Science, and Ava Faltz-Miller Memorial Scholarship.  Copies of these are available through Susan Walker.


Application & Reference Procedures

What are the review criteria and the review procedure?

The Committee reviews each applicant based on the criteria for each scholarship.  Those criteria are: 

  1. Adma Hammam Shibley Memorial Scholarship in Library Science
    a .First consideration is to undergraduates identified as planning careers in and having a commitment to the field of Library Sciences
    b. Second consideration is to undergraduates enrolled in the College of The Liberal Arts
  2. Martha Conner Memorial Award
    a. Qualified undergraduate students who plan to go to graduate library school who need funds to meet necessary college expenses while at Penn State
  3. Ava Faltz-Miller Memorial Scholarship
    a. Outstanding full-time students at the Junior level who have demonstrated an interest in library studies, information services, and/or librarianship
  4. Irene Cheng Memorial Award
    a. Outstanding full-time undergraduate students who are either a child of a MediaTech employee or a student who has been employed by Mediatech for at least one year and currently works a minimum of 10 hours per week. 
  5. Cynthia M. Joyce Scholoarship
    a. Undergraduate students enrolled or planning to enroll at Penn State University Park who have demonstrated need for funds. 

Can the candidates and their references be interviewed?

Yes, but this has not been the procedure in the past.


Timeline of Committee Activities

Timeline of Committee Activities
Date Activity


New Committee and chair is appointed


Committee outlines goals for the year


Update posters, flyers and plan advertising campaign


Mount updates on Web


Mail posters to campuses and departments within the Libraries, and to current University Libraries' student employees


Advertise scholarships


Applications due by last day of classes; Committee makes revisions to descriptions of scholarships in Office of Student Aid brochures


Committee reviews applications, makes recommendations of scholarship awards, sends recommendations for recipients and award amounts to the Dean
Recipients of the scholarships are notified

Award Chronology

Award Chronology Chart
Year Martha Conner Memorial Award (est. 1964) Adma Hammam Shibley Memorial Scholarship (est. 1981) Ava Faltz-Miller Memorial Scholarship (est. 1992)
2012 Shelbie McCurdy Emma Esperon Lindsay Wells 
2011 Shelbie McCurdy
Elizabeth Remus
Claire Weaver
Shelbie McCurdy
Elizabeth Remus
Elizabeth Remus
Claire Weaver
Alexia N. Davis
Claire J. Woods
Alexis N. Davis
Claire J. Woods
Alexis N. Davis 
Priscilla Jovine
Claire J. Woods
Hannah Tracy
Hannah Tracy
Not Awarded
2008 Joshua Wilkins
Julie B. Arvay
Laura E. Orshaw
Julie B. Arvay Shirley Ann Betush
Jennifer L. Hinman
Megan Anne Johnson
Julie B. Arvay
Susann A. Ortiz
Susann A. Ortiz 
William Wherry 
Jennifer L. Hinman
Dariah Juma 
William Wherry 
Jennifer L. Hinman 
Susann A. Ortiz 
Susann A. Ortiz Michelle H. Singleton 
Olga Miroshniehenko  Sean P. Tompkins  Not Awarded
Leang Chang 
Diane Schmidt 
Sara Mansuetti 
Kelli Williams
Elizabeth Davis 
Emily Matas
Elizabeth Davis 
Diane Schmidt 
Mari Kermit-Canfield  Bethany Walk 
Nicholas Cerroni 
Sara Ernst 
Sara Gunderson 
Jean Roman
Sara Gunderson 
Jean Roman 
Sarah Bowers 
Constance Olmstead 
Jean Roman 
Jean Roman
Nicholas Cerroni 
Jennifer Tedesco
Benjamin Lovett
Holly Kern 
Jennifer Tedesco 
Zachary Dorosh 
Holly Kern 
Stephanie Petruso 
Nancy Spinella
Victoria Stoner 
Diane Drexler 
Stephanie Petruso 
Victoria Stoner
Audrey Klett  Awarded by Liberal Arts David Grainger
Zelda Dahl  Marilyn Wright  Thomas Kozlik
Not Awarded Carin Steger Carin Steger 
Donna Brodish Marilyn Wright Donna Brodish 
Not Awarded Awarded by Liberal Arts Not Awarded
Leslie Alter Teresa Arnold  Jennifer Miller
Teresa Arnold  Erica Sommer   
Vicki Litzinger  Linda Kinter   
Vicki Litzinger  Vicki Litzinger   
Not Awarded Awarded by Liberal Arts  
Michael Miller Insufficient funds to award  
Jodi Johnson
Maureen Edwards 
Awarded by Liberal Arts  
Maureen Edwards Awarded by Liberal Arts  
Amy Newell  Awarded by Liberal Arts  
Vickie Kline Amy Newell 
Dorothy Malcom
Jane Oliver 
Susan Everetts 
Patricia Schneider  
Anita Bealer 
Susan Everetts 
Patricia Schneider 
Awarded by Liberal Arts  
Susan Everetts 
Debora Cheney 
Elizabeth Bedford 
Not Awarded    
Christina Taraba
Barbara Moyer
Anita Bealer
Nancy Boyer
Timothy Breslin
Maureen Schumacher 
Jill Antunes 
Barbara Schwemle 
Mary Philbin 
Polly Dinkel 
Sara Sandberg
Sara Sandberg 
Deborah Griesemer 
Mary White 
Deborah Griesemer
Cynthia Majzlik 
Not Awarded    
Terry Clingan 
Gayle Marr 
Andrea Tuleya
file not available    
file not available    
Beatrice Tanski 
Sharon Pooler 
Cynthia Bardsley    
Susan Isaacson 
Karen Stewart 
Barbara Deibler
Anita Thomas