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University Libraries Social Media Group

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University Libraries Social Media Group


This is an informal group of ULibs employees engaged in activities or interested in the use of social media to promote the goals of the ULibs.

The group meets periodically, as desired by the membership.

Current members include:

  • Emily Rimland
  • Linda Musser
  • Ellysa Cahoy
  • Joshua Wilkins
  • Megan Gilpin
  • Sherry Roth
  • Megan Folmar
  • John Meier
  • Helen Smith
  • Kelly Kaiserian
  • Harlan Ritchey

Future activities for 2013:

  • Evaluation of Hoot Suite Pro software package
  • Contacting the University's social media group
  • Discussion of best practices/ tips and tricks for posting quality news

Activities for 2012 include:

  • Discussions to explore the various types of activities within the Libraries.  E.g., EMS uses Twitter, Maps uses Facebook, Life Sciences blogs.
  • Obtaining a Pro version of a HootSuite account for managing social media.  Emily Rimland is the primary contact.  HootSuite can be used to manage various types of social media, supports shared feeds, and has some reporting.  Some are trying out the free version of HootSuite.
  • Agreed to help provide content to the main PSULIBS Twitter and Facebook activities.  For example, Maps committed to provide a Tweet for every Monday in the Fall.  The intern in Business provided many tweets/facebook posts to be scheduled at leisure, etc.
  • Harlan Ritchie agreed to manage the PSULIBS HootSuite account, scheduling the submitted content using HootSuite.  Joshua provides support and backup given his more extensive experience with HootSuite.
  • Group discussed development of a thesaurus of hashtags for use in Twitter posts to help users find our content.  E.g.,  #PSU, #maps, etc.
    We also encouraged each other to re-tweet / link to each others’ content as appropriate.  If mentioning a CAT resource, use the LionSearch link since it is a PURL.
  • Linda requested a global email/listserv ( that Harlan and Emily monitor for suggestions for posts.  It will work like the THANKS mail.  Harlan may need help with formatting the suggestions into appropriate language for Tweeting or posting to Facebook.