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Penn State University Libraries

Attention: The Summon Implementation Task Force is no longer active. Summon/LionSearch was implemented in Aug. 2010. Contact UL-DAWT@LISTS.PSU.EDU with questions.


The Penn State University Libraries will be implementing the Summon web-scale discovery system by the end of 2010. The goal in implementing this discovery layer is to improve the user experience and reduce user search confusion. Summon will provide access to, and discovery of, the Libraries’ online catalog, subscription databases and local digitized collections through a single search box. It will also offer enhanced searching via facets, word stemming, spelling variants, translations, results visualization, and intuitive methods for refining result sets.


The Summon Implementation Task Force is charged with coordinating and providing oversight for the implementation of Summon. The Task Force will consult with units and individuals, as needed, throughout the Libraries and on campus to engage them in the successful implementation of the system. The Task Force will work closely with Web Steering, the Next Generation Interface Team and the Libraries Usability Team on the implementation as required to integrate the Summon search box into the Libraries’ website(s) as well as into other appropriate locations to reach our users. A wiki has already been established to facilitate communication among team members. The Summon Task Force will report to ITCC.


The Summon Implementation Task Force will:

  1. Create a timeline for implementing Summon. Implementation, in particular the integration of The CAT and the Libraries’ subscription resources into Summon, must be completed by December, 2010;
  2. Implement Summon by
    1. Integrating CAT search results in Summon searches 
    2. Integrating the Libraries’ subscription resources into Summon via the 360 Core Knowledge Base 
    3. Working in collaboration with other units within the Libraries to identify and prioritize the harvesting of local collections for searching in Summon 
    4. Incorporating the Summon search box into the Libraries Web sites, including Hershey and Dickinson 
    5. Creating appropriate branding of the service for the Penn State University Libraries 
    6. Working in collaboration with the Libraries’ usability Team to conduct usability testing to assure high performance searching 
    7. Identifying and resolving any technical issues related to loading records, harvesting OAI resources, etc.
    8. Creating a means to maintain full access to subscription resources not available through Summon
  3. Create a communications plan to keep the University Libraries informed of both the Summon implementation process as well as upgrades, content enhancements and ongoing Summon development;
  4. Draft a marketing plan to officially launch Summon to Penn State University;
  5. Be responsible for testing and reporting issues or concerns to Serials Solutions and to other library personnel as these become known; 
  6. Assist with integrating Summon into Library instruction efforts; 
  7. Develop and/or coordinate training or orientation opportunities for staff; 
  8. Draft and recommend applicable new policies for ongoing resource integration; 
  9. Identify and communicate the means for assessing the impact of Summon’s implementation (i.e., usage statistics) in collaboration with the Libraries’ E-Resources librarian; 
  10. Following implementation, provide a final report with pertinent recommendations to ITCC about ongoing Summon maintenance and development.