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Holocaust and Jewish Studies

Compiled by Dr. Gregory A. Crawford

A search of the Web on the topic of the Holocaust yields over eight million Web sites. Similar results are found when searching for Jewish studies. Thus, the following is a highly selective list that provides links to major sources which will direct users to a great wealth of Internet resources.

Holocaust Studies


  • Yad Vashem. The Web site of the Yad Vashem memorial in Israel which honors the six million victims of the Holocaust. Yad Vashem is the world's largest repository of information on the Holocaust.
  • United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. As the Museum's Web site says, "The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum is America's national institution for the documentation, study, and interpretation of Holocaust history, and serves as this country's memorial to the millions of people murdered during the Holocaust." This is an excellent place to begin any research on the Holocaust. The links it provides are excellent and cover topics ranging from "The Arts and the Holocaust" to "Holocaust Denial and Revisionism" and "Women." It also provides access to resources for teaching, research, and remembrance.
  • The Nizkor Project. Nizkor means "we will remember" in Hebrew. The Nizkor Project provides links to Holocaust sites and access to documents related to the Holocaust.
  • Holocaust Survivors. Provides survivor stories, photographs, texts, and additional links to related material.
  • Holocaust Teacher Resource Center. Provides materials that can be used in the classroom, including lesson plans and other documents.
  • Voices of the Holocaust. Maintained by the British Library, this Web site focuses on oral history testimonies gathered from Jewish men and women who came to live in Britain.
  • Voices of the Holocaust. Produced by the Illinois Institute of Technology. Consists of the typescripts of 70 interviews of Holocaust survivors that were conducted in 1946 and transcribed into English by Dr. David Boder. The survivors interviewed included farmers, lawyers, artists, carpenters and others representing all economic levels, many religions, and various nationalities and language groups from across Europe.
  • The Holocaust Cybrary Remembering the Survivors. An excellent site for information relating to Holocaust education, art, books by survivors, accounts of witnesses, photos, and children of survivors.
  • Holocaust Forgotten. A Web site devoted to "the 5 million others," the non-Jewish victims of the Holocaust.


Jewish Studies


  • The Jewish History Resource Center. Offers 30 categories with more than 6,000 links to organizations and Internet resources on Jewish history from ancient times to the present. Produced by the Dinur Center for Research in Jewish History of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
  • The Jewish Virtual Library. According to its Web site, "The Jewish Virtual Library is the most comprehensive online Jewish encyclopedia in the world, covering everything from anti-Semitism to Zionism. So far, more than 10,000 articles and 5,000 photographs and maps have been integrated into the site. The Library has 13 wings: History, Women, The Holocaust, Travel, Israel & The States, Maps, Politics, Biography, Israel, Religion, Judaic Treasures of the Library of Congress, Vital Statistics and Reference."
  • RAMBI. The Index of Articles on Jewish Studies, produced by the Jewish National and University Library. An excellent source for beginning research on Jewish and Middle Eastern topics.
  • The Association for Jewish Studies. The Web site for the AJS, one of the major American associations in Jewish Studies.
  • Jewish Studies Resources. Compiled by the Princeton University Library for users worldwide and for the Jewish Studies Program at Princeton.
  • Jewish Studies Research Guides. Compiled by Columbia University Libraries.
  • Jewish Studies. Produced by the University of Delaware Library.
  • Academic Jewish Studies Internet Directory. Part of the WWW Virtual Library.