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Frequently Asked Questions

Faculty/Staff Permits: 

Permits are both color and lot specific except the Orange Open Staff (OS) parking permit. Orange designated parking lots are considered “open staff parking areas”. Any Orange, Red (except commuter CR), Green, Yellow, or Brown F/S permit is valid in any Orange designated lot regardless of letter designation. F/S parking permits are generally only used for a maximum of 3 years. Every 3 Years the Parking Office will conduct a complete change of all F/S parking permits.

Faculty/Staff Lot Colors:

  • Commuter: Lot 44 (Jordan East)/ SW (Stadium West)
  • Orange: (Open Staff): OA, OC, OD, OE, OF, OG, OH, OJ, OL, OM, ON, OO, OR, and OU
  • Yellow: YA, YC (HUB Deck), YD (East Deck), YE, YF (Eisenhower Deck), YG, YJ, YL, YN, YS, YT
  • Green: GB (Nittany Deck), GC, GD, GG, GL, GJ
  • Brown: BA, BB, BC, BG
  • Red: RA, RD, RH, RJ, RK, RT, RV, RY, RZ
  • Special Permits: ROO, LOO

Motorcycle Permits: 

There a two types of motorcycle permits available:

  • Commuter Motorcycle Permits: Valid only in designated motorcycle spaces in lot Stadium West. Commuter motorcycle permits may be issued to any F/S employee at no charge provided the employee is in possession of any current F/S vehicle permit. If an employee is in possession of a commuter (CR) vehicle permit, they have the option to obtain a no charge commuter motorcycle permit or purchase a core motorcycle permit.
  • Core Motorcycle Permits: Valid in designated motorcycle spaces within core reserved or orange faculty/staff lots. Core motorcycle permits are issued at no charge to any F/S employee in possession of a current F/S vehicle permit with the exception of the CR permit (see above).

If an employee does not have a current F/S Vehicle permit, or has a second motorcycle to register they can opt to purchase either the Commuter or Core motorcycle permit at the current annual rate. Space availability is limited. If the designated motorcycle spaces are full in one lot, the employee must move to the next available motorcycle space, except commuters. Motorcycle spaces are not reserved or guaranteed.

Handicapped Accessible Parking: 

Neither the Parking Office nor the area representative can issue a handicap placard, or any type of permit that will give access to a designated ADA parking space. Only an ADA placard issued from the State of Pennsylvania (or employee’s state of residence) when displayed in conjunction with a valid Penn State permit will allow legal access to a designated ADA space on campus.

To obtain an ADA placard the employee must complete PA Department of Motor Vehicles form MV145A. This form is available from the employee’s physician, The Office of Disability Services, The Parking Office, or by going to Once the application is complete the application must be submitted to the PA Department of Motor Vehicles for processing. This process of obtaining a placard from the state may take up to two weeks.

An employee with a disability requiring closer parking (long term or short term) must be issued a permit for the parking area closest to the employee’s office location. The permit must be assigned out of the department or college’s permit allocation. If the required permit is not available one must be recalled from a current permit holder. Understanding this process takes time, once completed the employee can bring form MV145A to the Parking Office to obtain a temporary “Any Area” permit that allows them to park in a F/S lot closer to their building. A Penn State employee must have a Penn State permit and a Handicap placard from the state to park in a handicap space (except those designated for a specific permit number) on campus. Please note that a copy of the current Handicap Placard or ADA ID card must be submitted to the Parking Office. The copy must include the employees name, Penn State ID number, permit number.

Visitor Parking Permits: 

All visitors to campus must either obtain a visitor parking permit (available from the Parking Office, or one of the information kiosks located on campus), utilize the hourly visitor option (available at the East Deck, HUB Deck, or the Nittany Deck), or visitors may use a parking meter (parking meters only accept U.S. quarters, and the maximum time allowed on the meter will vary from 15 minutes to 8 hours.  This information plus the hours of operation is posted on each meter head).

One-Day (Visitor) Permits: 

These permits are valid for one day only.  Permits may be purchased at the Campus Kiosks, Penn State/Centre County Visitor’s Center, or the Penn State Parking Office. The cost of the one day permits are subject to change. Please check with the parking office for current rates.

One-Day Permits hang from the rearview mirror with date facing the windshield. One-Day Permits are not valid in metered spaces, reserved spaces, service drives, and fire lanes.
There are four kinds of One-Day (visitor) permits:

  • VOD - (Blue) these permits are valid in one of the following Decks: Yellow F (Eisenhower), Nittany Deck or Yellow D (East Deck). This permit is valid only when one specific date and parking area is properly designated.
  • OOD - (Orange) These permits are valid in the Orange Faculty/Staff lots East of Shortlidge Road only. 
  • RAV - (Red & White) These permits are valid in the Red-A Faculty/Staff lots West of Atherton Street ONLY.
  • ROD - (Red) These permits are valid in the COMMUTER lots by Beaver Stadium (Stadium West) and the Bryce Jordan Center (Lot 44) only.

Kiosk Information and Locations: 

The main office for Kiosk operations is located at 601 Eisenhower Parking Deck (814) 865-2268 .

Kiosk Locations:

  • Visitor’s Center: Located at corner of Porter Road and Park Aveue.
  • Pollock East: Located on Pollock Road near the Shortlidge Road intersection.
  • Pollock West: Located on Pollock Road near the Burrows Road intersection.
  • White Course: Located on White Course Drive by Red A Lot.
  • Nittany Deck: Located on Fischer Road.
  • HUB Deck: Located on Shortlidge Road.
  • East Deck: Located on Bigler Road between Curtin Road and Park Avenue.
  • Brown A: Located off of Burrows Road between Deike and Reber Buildings.

Retiree Parking: 

Retired employees have the option to purchase an Open Staff or a Commuter permit through the Parking Office. These permits can be purchase at the going rate. The department may allow a retiree to retain their current permit assigned by the department. This option is completely at the department’s discretion. If the department elects to allow this option, the employee MUST be transferred from payroll deduction to the Pre-pay option for payment of the permit.

Emeritus Retirees are eligible for a “LR” parking permit which must displayed from the rear view mirror facing forward.  The retiree “LR” permit is NOT VALID in no parking zones, service drives, loading zones, roadways, or reserved spaces. The vehicle must be parked in a bona fide parking space unless loading or unloading, at which time the vehicle’s emergency warning flashers must be operating, permit displayed, maximum fifteen (15) minutes. 

  • The retiree “LR” permit is not valid in lots in the immediate vicinity of the Bryce Jordan Center for any events at BJC. The “LR” permit will be honored in lot Orange E adjacent to Shields Building or any other Faculty Staff lot west of University Drive.
  • The retiree “LR” permit is issued for the exclusive use of the emeritus retiree. It is NOT authorized for members of the family nor for other individuals.
  • The retiree “LR” permit is not to be destroyed or discarded. It must be returned to the Parking Office when no longer needed. A parking fee will be charged for the duration of the possession of the permit.

For more information on obtaining emeritus permits, please contact the Parking Office directly.

Returning Parking Permits: 

An employee who terminates their employment with the department, college, or the University they are required to return the parking permit on their last day of work. An employee who is going to a new position within the University but with a different department, they must obtain a new parking permit from the hiring college or department.

Lost or Stolen Permits: 

If you want to report that your parking permit has been lost or stolen, you must complete the F/S Lost/Stolen form.  If the permit was stolen on campus, the employee must report the incident to University Police. The incident number given by the police should be listed on the Lost/Stolen form.

A processing fee must be paid for all permits reported lost or stolen, even if the employee is not receiving a new permit, payment of the fee is still required. Currently the Lost/Stolen fee is $25.00 for a hang tag, and $50.00 if the permit was in the form of a transponder. 

If the permit/transponder is recovered or found, the permit must be returned to the Parking Office immediately. When the permit has been returned to the Parking Office the processing fee will be refunded to the employee.

If the permit/transponder is found to be used by the employee, or the employee is implicated in fraudulent use of the permit, the employee may be cited for theft, and will forfeit any refund due.

Parking Tickets: 

All parking violations must be paid or appealed within 20 calendar days of the ticket date.
All current permit holders have 3 options:

  1. Pay within 3 business days of the ticket date and receive a $2.00 reduction of the face value of the ticket.
  2. Pay 4-30 days of the ticket date at the face value of the ticket.
  3. Appeal the ticket in writing within 20 calendar days of the ticket date (see below).

Payment by mail is accepted by check or money order.

Payment in person at the Parking Office is accepted by cash, check, or money order.
All tickets over 30 days old are assessed a $3.00 late fee and submitted to Payroll for deduction.

Parking Ticket Appeals: 


Parking violations may be appealed by completing an appeal form or by submitting a written appeal to the Parking Office.  Frivolous appeals will not be accepted. Appeals must be received within 20 calendar days from the date of the violation in order to be accepted and processed to the Appeals Committee.  If the appeal is decided for the appellant, a letter will be mailed stating a refund is being processed to the name and address of the appealant. If the appeal decision is in favor of the University, the matter is considered paid in full. 

Permit Revocations: 

Written warnings are sent to permit holders after four (4) tickets are written against his/her permit in a fiscal year (July 1 through June 30). If eight (8) or more tickets are issued during the fiscal year, the permit holder will be revoked for one month and a $50.00 fine will be assessed. All revoked permits must be returned IMMEDIATELY upon notification. Additional tickets issued while under revocation or subsequent to a revocation within the same fiscal year, will result in an additional month added to the revocation period and an additional $50.00 fee. Vehicles under revocation are subject to towing at the owner’s expense. Appeals for revocation will not be accepted. 

Mass Transit (Ride for Five): 

To encourage the use of mass transit in the area, reduce vehicle congestion on campus, and help the environment’s air quality, University employees, defined as any person employed on Penn State’s University Park campus on a full-time basis with full benefits, are eligible to purchase an employee mass transit pass, good on any CENTRE LINE route, directly from the University’s Parking Office. Penn State students and part-time employees are not eligible to purchase employee bus passes at this time. In addition, the employee must either not possess a University parking permit, or relinquish their current permit to the Parking Office prior to receiving the mass transit pass. Evening/weekend permits can be purchased with the bus pass if the employee wishes. Employees are able to utilize Internal Revenue Code provisions’ allowing the purchase of employee bus passes with pre-tax dollars if eligible for payroll deduction. 

Employee passes cost $5.00 per month. Transportation Services will cover the remaining fees of the $49.00 pass to assist and encourage University employees to use the area’s transit service provided by CATA. A processing fee of $15.00 will be charged for all lost or stolen employee bus passes. In the event the pass is found, a portion of this fee may be refunded.  To enroll, the employee shall authorize a payroll deduction to cover the cost of the employee bus pass, or pay the full fiscal years fees in advance via cash or check if payroll deduction is not available to them. The bus pass shall be valid from the date on which it is issued through the end of the fiscal year (June 30th), unless the payroll deduction is discontinued as specified below. In addition, the employee must not possess a daytime Penn State parking permit. Four (4) one-day parking permits will be given to each mass transit pass holder upon receipt of their transit pass. These permits can be used for those occasional times that it is necessary to drive to work. If additional one-day permits are needed, they can be purchased from the Parking Office, any of the Kiosk Information Booths or the Visitor’s Center.

University employee mass transit passes are valid at any time on all regular CENTRE LINE buses. Passes are not transferable and may be used only for the transportation of the individual to whom the pass is issued. Employee passes are not valid on any other CATA service, including CENTRE RIDE, the Football Shuttle, Charters, or any special shuttle services, whether open to the public or not.  

Frequently Asked Questions 

How can I add/delete a license plate number on my parking permit?

Stop by the LHR office or call 863-4949. The information needed is permit holder’s name, faculty/staff ID #, Penn State parking permit # and license plate number and state.

Forgot permit – What should I do if I forgot my parking permit at home?

Permit holders are permitted to purchase a one day pass. Permits may be purchased at the Campus Kiosks, Visitor’s Center or the Parking Office. Any permit holder without a permit displayed is subject to ticketing. All vehicles must be registered. See regulation C.1.
The cost of a one day pass is subject to change.

Overflow parking – Where do I park if my lot is full?

If the lot your permit normally allows you to park is full or blocked off for a special event, you are to park in either one of the Orange Open-Staff parking lots on the east side of campus or in one of the commuter lots. There are times when a lot may be full due to a special event being held in the area, official university vehicles being parked, or even if violators are taking spaces. In such case you will need to park in one of the previously mentioned locations. If the reason the lot is full is due to violators taking spaces, please contact the University Police at 863-3111 so that an officer can respond to ticket the vehicles.

Where can I park “after hours”?

After 4 PM Monday-Friday, all day Saturday and Sunday, and on University Holidays that are specified on the employee calendar (Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Holiday break), parking is valid in all Faculty/Staff lots, provided the permit is properly displayed and the vehicle is parked in a legal parking space not reserved by signage or a meter. There is no parking anytime in Resident student lots, the lot behind Old Main, the Nittany Lion Inn overnight guest lot in front of the Nittany Lion Inn, the Holuba Hall/Tennis Club lot, or when a University event prohibits parking in a specific lot. Classes NOT being in session does not constitute as a University Holiday. On these days all Parking Rules and Regulations remain in effect.

F/S Midnight Clears- Where can I park during a snow event?

No parking is allowed in any faculty/staff surface lot on nights of announced “Midnight Clear” activity. The snow restriction hours are 12 am to 7 am in most lots. Check lot entry signs for specific hours of restriction. Employees wishing to leave a vehicle on campus overnight during snow removal must use the covered parking levels of the East, Eisenhower, HUB, or Nittany Parking decks. Parking on the top level of these facilities is not allowed. Vehicles must be returned to assigned lot by 8 am the next business day. Note: Beginning 2007, the East bay on the ground floor of the East Deck will be reserved for oversized (7’-8’2”) university vehicles during snow events. Midnight Clear is announced over local radio, television stations, WPSU, Fred TV (Housing), and the L-PSUPARK listserv. This policy is also extends to university vehicles.

What should I do if I receive a parking ticket?

All parking violations must be paid or appealed within 20 calendar days of the ticket date.
All current permit holders have 3 options:

  1. Pay within 3 business days of the ticket date and receive a $2.00 reduction of the face value of the ticket.
  2. Pay 4-30 days of the ticket date at the face value of the ticket.
  3. Appeal the ticket in writing within 20 calendar days of the ticket date (see below).

Payment by mail is accepted by check or money order.

Payment in person at the Parking Office is accepted by cash, check, or money order.
All tickets over 30 days old are assessed a $3.00 late fee and submitted to Payroll for deduction.

Reporting of Accidents – What should I do if I have an accident or see an accident on campus?

If you are involved in an accident on campus or witness an accident, please contact the Penn State Police Department immediately.
Police Services, 26 Eisenhower Parking Deck, University Park, PA 16802
(814) 863-1111 or Emergency - 911

How do I report violators in my parking lot?

When you arrive in your assigned parking area and notice a parking regulation is being violated you should first park your vehicle legally in a parking space. A parking space is generally indicated by two white lines, three lines for compact car spaces. Then you should call Penn State Police Service 863-1111 to report that a violation is taking place in your area. Provide as much information as possible, such as the Lot, type of vehicle; if it is in one of the parking decks, please inform dispatch which level of the garage and the general area that the violation is taking place.