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Penn State University Libraries

Cell Phone Use Zones

This information pertains to the libraries at University Park. For information on other campus libraries, visit your Campus Library website.


The University Libraries discourages the use of cell phones in library facilities. However, in recognition of their growing importance in daily life, certain areas have been designated as "cell phone zones," and people are encouraged to limit their use of cell phones to those areas. Please check for signage indicating that you are in a cell phone zone before using your cell phone. Generally, cell phone zones are in corridors, lobbies, and stairwells in Pattee and Paterno Libraries, as well as the group study areas on the 2nd through 4th floor of Paterno Library.

Branch Libraries – Building lobbies outside of all branch libraries.

The Cell Phone Use Policy falls under the Libraries Code of Conduct, which prohibits disruptive behavior in the Libraries