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Penn State University Libraries


This information pertains to the libraries at University Park. For information on other campus libraries, visit your Campus Library website.


Copiers - Black & White

Except as  noted, all copiers accept LionCASH+ or coins. The distribution (subject to change) of copiers in Pattee Library and Paterno Library is as follows:

  • Paterno Library 1st Floor, 2
  • Paterno Library 2nd Floor, 1
  • Paterno Library 3rd Floor, 3
  • Paterno Library 4th Floor, 2
  • Paterno Library 5th Floor, 1
  • News and Microforms Library, W21 Pattee Library (ground floor, west), 1
  • Pattee Stacks, 1st floor, 1
  • Knowledge Commons, 1st floor, West Pattee, 1
  • Arts and Humanities Reference Reading Room, 206 Pattee Library, west, 3
  • Music and Media Center, W211 Pattee, 2
  • Third floor West Pattee, 1

Most of these areas have at least one machine with multi-sheet feed capability.


Copiers - Color

Color photocopier:

  • 206 Pattee Library, west -- near the Arts and Humanities Reference Collection

Copier Repair Information

The photocopiers in the Libraries are owned and maintained by Nittany Office Equipment (of State College).

Call for Copier Repairs

The daytime and night/weekend office number is 238-0568. Report copier problems to this phone number any time. Provide the receptionist (or leave a voicemail) with the three- or four- digit number on the front of the copier, give the location in the building, and a brief description of the problem.

Toner / Copies too light questions

As the toner is used up by the copier, the copies *do not* become lighter. The copier is programmed to copy at a particular quality. When there is not enough toner in the copier to print at this set quality, the copier will stop printing. So, if someone says that their copies are coming out "light" or that some parts of an copy are light or don't appear, it's due to that part of the original image being lighter than the rest (i.e., light pencil writing on an article page.). The copier is not out of toner.

Copier Jams / Charges

When a copier jams (paper jam), a person should only be charged for those sheets that have actually been printed. The copier charges for a sheet only as it is passing out onto the delivery tray; therefore, if the copier jams before the copy reaches that point (sensor), there is no charge to the user.

Thus, if a user is printing a 20-page paper they've scanned and the printer jams on the fifth page, the user would be charged for the first four pages by the copier. The copier will not charge the person for the last fifteen pages. It is possible that the copier will charge for the jammed page, but not usually. The most a person can lose on a jammed page is $.10.

When, the repairman (Eddie, who works seven days a week) clears the jam, the copier's memory is automatically erased, the rest of the scanned material will not print, and the person is not charged.


Paying for copies

  • Copiers accept LionCash+ cards (with magnetic strip)
  • All photocopiers accept coins (nickels, dimes, quarters, Susan B. Anthony dollars).
  • A photocopier that is accessible to people in wheelchairs, and to people who may need to sit down while they are copying, is located in the News and Microforms Library, ground floor West Pattee.