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Penn State University Libraries

Photography and Filming in the Libraries

This information pertains to the libraries at University Park. For information on other campus libraries, visit your Campus Library website.

It is not necessary for patrons desiring to take photographs or film in the libraries to have an approval form signed by the Dean. The Code of Conduct approved in January 2002 states:

11. Photographs, Films, and Videos:

In order to maintain an atmosphere conducive to reading and studying, to ensure that the privacy rights of users of the University Libraries are respected, and to avoid disruptions of normal business operations, the University Libraries reserves the right to limit the use of photographic or video graphic equipment within the facilities. If any supervisor within the University Libraries believes that such activity is being disruptive or encroaching upon the privacy of individuals, he/she may temporarily suspend the activity in question, pending further review of the activity and related circumstances by the dean, associate deans, or appropriate campus academic administrator.