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Penn State University Libraries

Pattee-Paterno Library Room Numbers

Paterno Library Room Numbers and Departments
Room # Name
E-1 I-Tech
E-101 Staff Offices
E-102 Foster Auditorium
E-103 Mann Assembly Room
E-104 Special Collections Library
E-109 Facilities Administration Offices
E-126 Technical Services (Acquisitions, Cataloging, Serials, Bindery)
E-127 Receiving
E-201 Social Sciences Library
E-202 Work Room
E-203 Social Sciences Library Work Room
E-204 Copiers
E-208 Data Learaning Center
E-301 Business Library
E-302 Instruction Room
Group Study Room
E-305 Copiers
Group Study Room
E-308 Public Service Offices
E-401 Life Sciences Library
E-402 Work Room
E-403 Nagle Seminar Room
E-404 Copiers
E-406 Kneebone Mushroom Reference Library
E-407-408 Offices
E-501 Education & Behavioral Sciences Library
E-502-503 Offices
E-504-505 Interlibrary Loan Offices
E-510 Dean's Office & Administrative Center
E-511 Human Resources Office
E-512 Business Office / Finance Office
E-513 Kits Room
E-514 EBSL Staff Room
E-515 Public Information Office


Central Pattee Room Numbers and Departments
Room # Name
W001 Maps Library
W011 Group Study Room
W001A Group Study Room
W013 Instruction Room (near Maps Library)
W-101 Leisure Reading Room
W-101A Group Study Room
W-101B Group Study Room
W-102 Sidewater Commons (computer lab)
W-102A Group Study Room
W-102B Group Study Room
W-102C Staff Offices
W-105 Weltman Lobby – Circulation / Lending Services
W-106 Franklin Atrium
W-113 Adaptive Technology and Services
W-201 Paterno Humanities Reading Room
W-201A Malloy PA Center for the Book
W-201B Henisch Photo-History Collection Exhibit Room
W-203 Diversity Studies Room
W-206 Kerr Reference Collection Reading Room
W-206B Group Study Room
W-301-309 LLS/Preservation/Scholarly Communications (3rd Floor Tower)
W-401-402 Preservation Offices (4th floor Tower)


West Pattee Room Numbers and Departments
Room # Name
W-018 MacKinnon's Cafe
W-021 News & Microforms Library
W-022 Film / Video Viewing Room
W-023 Instruction Room
W-024 Staff Office
W-116 Knowledge Commons
W-120 Small Instruction Room (Knowledge Commons)
W-121 Staff Office
W-122-129 Group Study Rooms (Knowledge Commons)
W-130A ITS Help Desk
W-131-136, 138, 142 Media Commons Recording/Production/Post-production/Presentation PracticeRooms
W-137 Staff Office
W-140 Large Instruction Room (Knowledge Commons)
W-210 Workroom
W-211 Music & Media Center / Current Browsing Area
W-211A Instruction Room
W-213 Reserves
W-214 Video Viewing Room
W-313 Fred Waring's America
W-315 Instruction Room
W-316 Study Area
W-317 Fine Prints Room
W-325 Music Seminar Room
W-318-334 Staff Offices

In case you are asked, there are a total of 346 rooms for library use in the Pattee/Paterno complex. (Thanks to Jackie Esposito for asking and Ron Servello for the answer!!).