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Penn State University Libraries

Instruction Rooms in the Knowledge Commons

Instruction Room W120 - Knowledge Commons

There are two instruction rooms in the Knowledge Commons – W120 and W140. These rooms can be reserved in UCS by librarians or multimedia consultants for single-class presentations or demonstrations. (Library Classroom Guidelines)

Room W120

  • Small group instruction (also appears as Medium Media Production Room) (12-15 capacity)
    AT&T Mobility Group Instruction Room
  • Equipment: Media:scape Team Theatre; 23” low table is against the wall; maintain approximately 12” between the table and the seat; 65” LED-LCD flat panel
  • 16 seat seminar room with ‘bar and pit’ seating, white boards, and large screen monitor with laptop connectivity to let users share information or create new documents.
  • This room is available to students when not scheduled for a class.


Instruction Room W120

Room W140

  • Multi-media classroom with 40 Mac computers
    Nike, Inc., Multimedia Classroom
  • Five screens are mounted on the walls, and the instructor can control the visual environment regardless of where he or she stands with a device such as an iPad. Forty Macs with appropriate software will allow every student in a class to be able to learn in an individualized, hands-on environment.
  • Open lab when not reserved for instruction by librarians, multimedia specialists, or IT consultants. Reservations are done through the UCS calendar.