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Penn State University Libraries

Lockers Available in the Knowledge Commons

Lockers and Restroom Area - Knowledge Commons

Laptop Locker Instructions

To Lock:

  • Find an empty Laptop Locker
  • Open Door by turning latch up or down, pull open
  • Plug adapter into socket
  • Push Laptop and adapter cord completely inside
  • Close Door
  • Secure latch
  • Enter any 4 Digit code of your choice
  • Door will lock
  • Remember your Laptop Locker Letter & Color
    (example:  B-Yellow)
  • Remember your 4 Digit Code

To Unlock:

  • Return to the same Laptop Locker
  • Enter your 4 Digit Code
  • Listen for Unlocking Sound
  • Turn latch
  • Open Door
  • Remove Laptop
  • Unplug adaptor
  • Close door with latch

Laptop Lockers are for temporary use only.

Library Locker Policy

  • Lockers are intended for temporary storage of materials and should not be used for long term storage.  If you require long term storage please ask at the Commons Desk about requesting a Study Carrel.
  • The library is not responsible for materials kept in lockers. These Lockers are provided for your convenience and are to be used at your risk. It is your responsibility to remember your locker number and combination.
  • Food and drink containers may not be stored in lockers.
  • Library materials that have not been checked out should not be stored in lockers.  Library materials that are not checked out will be returned to the collection.
  • Lockers are subject to inspection at any time. 
  • All lockers must be cleared out on Saturdays by Midnight. Items found after this time will be sent to Lost and Found, 1st Floor Pattee, Commons Services Desk.

If you need assistance please ask at the nearest service desk.

In addition to the lockers, study carrels are available for long term use.