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Penn State University Libraries

Questions About My Library Account and Library Notices


"How can I see a list of my current checkouts, holds, overdues, bills, etc.?"

You can review almost* everything currently on your library account by logging into My Library Account.

*Requests placed through Illiad or MediaTech will not appear on My Library Account. Check Interlibrary Loan requests by logging into Illiad. Questions about materials borrowed from MediaTech should be sent to


"Can I see a list or history of all of the materials I've ever borrowed?"

The libraries now maintains checkout histories for materials that were checked out and returned beginning November, 2014. You may request a copy of your own borrowing history at a PSU library circulation desk. Materials borrowed before November, 2014 will not appear in your history and histories for all borrowers are maintaned for no longer than three years. Please see our User Privacy statement for more information.



"How can I renew my materials?"

Many items can be renewed by logging into My Library Account. See the instructions under Checkouts to renew those items that are eligible.


"I've already returned this item - why did I receive an overdue notice?"

First, check the date and time that the notice was sent. It's possible that the notice was sent before you returned the item. You can also check your current list of checkouts at My Library Account. If the item does not appear on that list, it has already been removed from your account.

If you believe that you received an overdue or bill notice for an item that you've returned, complete the online Claim Returned form to initiate a library staff search.


"I have a question about a bill."

Questions about library bills can be referred to your local PSU library or submitted through our Bill Question form. Please be sure to supply as much information as possible.


"How can I cancel a hold (I don't need this anymore)?"

You can cancel a hold by logging into My Library Account, checking the box next to your hold on the Holds list, and clicking Cancel Selected Holds.


"Why was my item recalled?"

The University Libraries provides the option to recall materials to allow all of our patrons access to library materials within a reasonable amount of time. All patrons will have no fewer than 10 days from the date on which a recall notice is issued to return a recalled item without fee. See the Libraries' Lending Code for more information.


"How do I update my contact information?"

You can update your postal or email address by logging into My Library Account and clicking on Update Address.


"Why was my hold expired?"

You will receive a notice that your hold has expired if the library cannot currently supply a copy of the item on which you placed an "I Want It" hold in the CAT. Holds may expire because items are missing from library shelves or are requested by instructors for course reserve.

If your hold has expired, you can try the following:

  • Place an Interlibrary Loan (ILLiad), E-ZBorrow or U-Borrow request (PSU students, faculty and staff only).
  • Check the CAT again and place another hold if another copy is available. The Library may purchase additional copies of high demand materials, or items that were missing may have been found.
  • Try your local public library