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Bibliography of Pennsylvania’s Agriculture and Rural Life 1820-1945

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Animal Sciences and Beekeeping

The following publications on animal sciences and beekeeping, are from the years 1820 and 1945 and were either published in Pennsylvania, or pertain to specifically to the state of Pennslyvania.

Full Text links are to the Internet Archive, Hathi Trust, or Google Books, if available.  If full text online links are not available, links are to WordCat.

Badcock, John.. (1830). The veterinary surgeon :or farriery taught on a new and easy plan.. . Philadelphia: J. Grigg. 284p.


Ballmer, Daniel, comp.. (1827). Eine Sammlung von neuen Recepten und bewaehrten Curen, fuer Menschen und Vieh. . Schellsburg: Gedruckt bey Friedrich Goeb. 40p.


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Beam, Adam Leland. Pennsylvania. Agricultural experiment station, University Park.. (1916). A study of the dairy herd records of the Pennsylvania State College experiment station. Masters thesis. Pennsylvania State College.


Bevan, Edward.. (1843). Treatise on the honey bee. . Philadelphia,: . .


Biggle, Jacob.. (1909). Biggle bee book :a swarm of facts on practical bee-keeping, carefully hived.. . Philadelphia: W. Atkinson Co.. 136p.


Biggle, Jacob.. (1894). Biggle horse book :A concise and practical treatise on the horse, original and compiled. Adapted to the needs of farmers and others who have a kindly regard for this noble servitor of man.. . Philadelphia: Wilmer Atkinson Co.. 121p.


Browne, Peter Arrell.. (1853). Trichologia mammalium or, A treatise on the organization, properties, and uses of hair and wool :together with an essay upon the raising and breeding of sheep. . Philadelphia: J. H. Jones, printer. 179p.


Brownell, Stanley J.. (1929). History of bull associations in Pennsylvania. Masters thesis. Pennsylvania State College. 4 vols.


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Burpee, W. Atlee.. (1877). The poultry yard. . Philadelphia,: . .


Burpee, W. Atlee.. (1893). The poultry yard :how to furnish and manage it.. . Philadelphia: Burpee. 96p.


Carver, William.. (Philadelphia). Practical horse farrier :or the traveller's pocket companion. Shewing the best method to preserve the horse in health. and likewise the cure of most prominent diseases to which this noble animal is subject.. M'Carty & Davis: . 251p.


Clater, Francis. Mills, John. Youatt, William. Skinner, John Stuart.. (1856). Farmers' barn-book ... containing the causes, symptoms, and treatment of all the diseases incident to oxen, sheep, and swine. . Philadelphia: Leary. 311p.


Clok, Henry.. (1868). The diseases of sheep explained and described, with the proper remedies to prevent and cure the same :With an essay on cattle epidemics.. . Philadelphia: Claxton, Remsen & Haffelfiger. .


Cooper, J. W.. (1869). Game fowls :their origin and history. . West Chester, Pa.: J. W. Cooper. 304p.


Cooper, J. W.. (1859). Treatise on cocking :giving a history of the various breeds of imported and american game fowls.. . Media, Pa.: Cooper & Vernon. 96p.


Deigendesch, Johannes.. (1822). Nachrichters nèutzliches und aufrichtiges pferd-arzeneybuch :in welchem die meisten innerlichen krankheiten und „usserliche zust„nde der rosse auf das deutlichste beschrieben und erkl„rt werden, samt beyfèugund der daza gehèorigen nèothigsten arzeneymittel, und approbirter recepte was ein jeder zustand n_othig haben wird, und mit deutlicher anweisung versehen, auch wird gelehrt einige composit das sympathetische pulver und dessen applicirung. Harrisburg: Johann S. Wiestling. 213p.


Deigendesch, Johannes. Hornberger, Johannes. ed.. (Allentaun). Nachrichter's Nèutzliches und aufrichtiges Ross-Arzneibuch :in welchem die meisten innerlichen Krankheiten und „usserlichen Zust„nde der Pferde .... nebst einem Anhang von Rindvieh-Arzneien und dienlichem Register. gedruckt fèur den Verleger ("Von der Original-Ausgabe abgedruckt". Ed.) . Allentaun: gerdruckt fur den verleger.  Unknown pagination.


Dixon, Edmund Saul.. (1851). A treatise on the history and management of ornamental and domestic poultry. 2nd ed.. Philadelphia: E.H. Bulter & Co.. 480p.


Dixon, Edmund Saul.. (1855). A treatise on the history and management of ornamental and domestic poultry. 4th ed.. Philadelphia,: . 480p.


Formad, Robert.. (1897). Disease of animals transmissible to man. . Philadelphia: Univeristy of Pennsylvania.unknown pagination .


Gleason, Oscar R. (Oscar Rudolph), 1856.. (c1892). Gleason's horse book :the only authorized work by America's king of hore tamers : comprising history, breeding, training, breaking, buying, feeding, grooming, shoeing, doctoring, telling age, and general care of the horse. . Philadelphia: Edgewood Pub. Co.. 416p.


Hassel, Carl.. (1843). Der neu-erfahrne pferde-arzt :enthaltend 100 curen und recepte, originalle und ausgew„hlte, die als die bew„hrtesten im lande bekannt sind. . Neu-Berlin: S. G. Miller. 46p.


Hazard, Willis P.. (Philadelphia). The Jersey, Alderney and Guernsey cow :Their history, nature and managment. Showing how to choose a good cow. how to feed, to manage, to milk and to breed to the most profit. Porter & Coates: 10th ed.. 144p.


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Huidekoper, Rush Shippen.. (1891). Age of the domestic animals :being a complete treatise on the dentition of the horse, ox, sheep, hog and dog, and on the various other means of determining the age of these animals.. . Philadelphia: F. A. Davis. 217p.


International Correspondence Schools.. (1910). Poultry houses, poultry-house management, poultry feeding, natural incubation, natural brooding, artificial incubation, artificial brooding, laying hens, market eggs, market poultry. . Scranton, Pa.: International Text-book Co.. unknown pagination.


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Jacobs, P. H.. (). Poultry for profit. . Parkesburg, Pa.: Poultry keeper co..unknown pagination .


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Jenkins, David Hall, 1918-. (1942). Bob-white cover in Franklin county, Pennsylvania. Masters thesis. Pennsylvania State College. 129p.


Jennings, Robert.. (1860). Cattle and their diseases :embracing their history and breeds, crossing and breeding, and feeding and management with the diseases to which they are subject, and the remedies best adapted to their cure. To which is added a list of the medicines used in treating cattle..Phihladelphia: J. E. Potter:  340p.


Jennings, Robert.. (1860). The horse and his diseases :embracing his history and varieties, breeding and management and vices with the diseases to which he is subject, and the remedies best adapted to their cure. Philadelphia: John E. Potter and Co. 384p.


Jennings, Robert.. (1866). The horse and other live stock :With the diseases to which they are respectively subject and the appropriate remedies for each, together with their history and varieties their crossing and breeding, and the best methods for their feeeding and general management..Philadelphia: J.E. Potter & co. 384p.


Jennings, Robert.. (1866). Horse-training made easy :Being a new and practical system of teaching and educating the horse. Beautifully illustrated with forty-four engravings. Whip-training or how to drive without reins. : how to make a horse trot honest, & c.. Philadelphia: J.E. Potter and Co. 192p..


Jennings, Robert.. (1864). Sheep, swine and poultry :embracing the history and varieties of each, the best modes of breeding, etc.. . Philadelphia: J.E. Potter. 170p.


Knowlton, J. C.. (1851). The complete farrier :or horse-doctor.. . Philadelphia,: . .


Kozicky, Edward Louis.. (1942). Life history and management of the wild turkey "Meleagris gallopavo silvestris" in Pennsylvania.  Masters thesis. Pennsylvania State College.  146p.


Lawrence, B.. (1832). The complete cattle-keeper or farmer's and grazier's guide in the choice and management of neat cattle and sheep :including useful observations and suggestions relative to the comparative value of the various breeds and on the injurious effects resulting and on the management of milch cows, A description of the Internal structure of neat cattle and of their digestive system. The diseases to which cattle are subject, in which the causes are pointed out the symptoms described and approved methods of cure given.  The proper treatment of calves and lambs and every other necessary information. Philadelphia: E. L. Carey and A. Hart. 201p.


Lawrence, John.. (1830). The horse in all his varieties and uses :his breeding, rearing and management, whether in labour or rest, with rules, occasionally interspersed for his preservation from disease.. . Philadelphia: E.L. Carey & A. Hart. 238p.


Leib, Issac.. (1842). Wohler fahrner pferde-artz :enthaltend mittel fèur die neilung aller bekannten und verschiedenartigen krankheiten und seuchen der pferde.. . Libanon Pa.: Gedruckt by Jos. Hartman. 184p.


Leib, Isaac.. (1860). Wohlerfahrener pferde-arzt :enthaltend mittel fèur die heilung aller bekannten und verschiedenartigen krankheiten und seuchen der pferde, welche nach einer fèunf und zwangzigj„rigen ausèubung der rossheil-kunst bew„hrt und untrèuglich befunden wurden. . Libanon: H. H. Roedel. 184p.


Lewis, Elijah H.. (1857). Habits of the game birds and wild flowl of America. . Philadelphia,: . .


Lorain, John.. (1825). Nature and reason harmonized in the practice of husbandry. . Philadelphia: H. C. Carey & I. Lea. 563p.


Lovell, Mary F.. (1900). Outline of the history of the Women's Pennsylvania Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals :from its foundation April 14, 1869, to December 31, 1899. . Philadelphia: Women's Pennsylvania Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. 64p.


Magner, Dennis.. (1881). A new system of educating horses. . Philadelphia: Burk and M'Fetridge. 270p.


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