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Bibliography of Pennsylvania’s Agriculture and Rural Life 1820-1945

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Food and Nutrition

The following publications on food and nutrition are from the years 1820 and 1945 and were either published in Pennsylvania, or pertain to specifically to the state of Pennsylvania.

Full Text links are to the Internet Archive, Hathi Trust, or Google Books, if available.  If full text online links are not available, links are to WordCat.

Accum, F.C., 1820. A treatise on adulterations of food and culinary poisons : exhibiting the fraudulent sophistications of bread, beer, wine, spirituous liquors, tea, coffee, cream, confectionery, vinegar, mustard, pepper, cheese, olive oil, pickles and other articles employed in domestic economy ; and methods of detecting them, Philadelphia: Ab’m Small. Available at:

Anthony, E., 1914. Studies in farm butter, Available at:

Brannt, W.T., 1890. A Practical Treatise on the Manufacture of Vinegar and Acetates, Cider, and fruit wines: preservation of fruits and vegetables by canning and evaporation, Philadelphia: H.C. Baird & Co. Available at:

Byrn, M.L.F., 1866. The complete practical distiller : comprising the most perfect and exact theoretical and practical description of the art of distillation and rectification : including all of the most recent improvements in distilling apparatus : instructions for preparing spirits from the numerous vegetables, fruits, &c. Directions for the distillation and preparation of all kinds of brandies and other spirits, spirituous and other compounds, etc. etc., all of which is so simplified that it is adapted not only to the use of extensive distillers, but for every farmer, or others who may wish to engage in the art of distilling, Philadelphia: Henry Carey Baird. Available at:

Eichler, F., 1884. A treatise on the manufacture of liquors, syrups, cordials and bitters : including also, instructions for making vinegar, cider, wines, punch essences, &c. : containing a large number of valuable receipts... 6th ed., Philadelphia: Aschenbach & Miller. Available at:

Fisher, S.I. & Chappuis, B.I.., 1834. Observations on the Character and Culture of the European Vine, Philadelphia: Key and Biddle. Available at:

Groggins, P.H., 1945. Chemicals and food production. From the Nineteenth annual Priestley Lectures sponsored by Phi Lambda Epsilon Honorary Chemical Society, The Pennsylvania State College, State College, Pa., Ann Arbor, Mich.: Edwards. Available at:

H.J. Heinz Company, 1927. The story of the 57., Pittsburgh: H.J. Heinz Co. Available at:

Hibshman, C., 1924. Culinary properties of different varieties of potatoes from different soils in Pennsylvania. Masters. State College, Pa.: Pennsylvania State College. Available at:

Hollen, E., 1942. A study of the dietary habits and nutritional status of school children of different national and racial backgrounds in an anthracite coal region of Pennsylvania a thesis. Masters. State College, Pa.: Pennsylvania State College. Available at:

Leffler, G.L. & Brown, M.V., 1945. Trends in food products manufacturing [microform], State College, Pa.: Pennsylvania State College Bureau of Business Research. Available at:

Lit, J.S.R., 1916. Storage, handling, and sale of food in Philadelphia,, Philadelphia: Published by the Henry Phipps Institute. Available at:

Ng, W.T., 1937. Nutritional status of nursery school children from low income families [microform] : a thesis. Masters. State College, Pa.: Pennsylvania State College Nursery school. Available at:

O’Brien, A.T., 1937. Nutritional status of nursery school children of families of medium and high income levels [microform] : a thesis. Masters. State College, Pa.: Pennsylvania State College Nursery school. Available at:

Pennsylvania., 1938. Official grades for fruits and vegetables in Pennsylvania ..., [Harrisburg?]. Available at:

Pennsylvania., 1934. Official grades for fruits and vegetables in Pennsylvania., [Harrisburg?]. Available at:

Pennsylvania. & Cochran, C., 1905. Special report of analyses of condensed milks and infants’ and invalids’ foods, Harrisburg  Pa.: Harrisburg Pub. Co.  State Printers. Available at:

Pennsylvania. Committee on Storage Investigations, 1925. Potato storage investigations 1924-1925 [microform], Canton PA: Marble Laboratory. Available at:

Pennsylvania. Court of Oyer and Terminer (Dauphin Count & Pennsylvania Dept. of Agriculture. Dairy and Food Division, 1913. Important decision on cider vinager containing added water, Harrisburg  Pa.: Pennsylvania Dept. of Agriculture, Dairy and food division. Available at:

Pennsylvania. Dept. of Agriculture, 1944. Handbook of Pennsylvania standards for grading and marketing fruits and vegetables, Harrisburg  Pa.: Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Dept. of Agriculture. Available at:

Philadelphia (Pa.)., 1944. Laws and regulations governing the handling, selling, exhibiting for sale or storing of meat, meat food products, fish, shell fish and poultry in the city of Philadelphia and the licensing and, Philadelphia  Pa.: The Dept. Available at:

Philadelphia (Pa.)., 1917. Regulations of the Board of Health of Philadelphia governing slaughter houses, storage houses, markets, shops, wagons and places where meats, poultry, fish, game and shell-fish are prepared for use as, [Philadelphia  Pa.]: The Dept. Available at:

Philadelphia milk show & Post, A.E., 1911. The report of the Philadelphia milk show; its organization and management and a description of the exhibits., Philadelphia: Executive committee. Available at:

Stephen, J., 1860. A treatise on the manufacture, imitation, adulteration, and reduction of foreign wines, brandies, gins, rums, etc., Philadelphia: Pub. for the author. Available at:

Urgell, P., 1936. Nutritional effect of school lunch for children of pre-school age a thesis. Masters. State College, Pa.: Pennsylvania State College. Available at:

Walter, D., 1933. Sources of food and some factors affecting consumption in the borough of State College, Pennsylvania. Masters. State College, Pa.: Pennsylvania State College. Available at:

Weatherley, H. & Katherine Golden Bitting Collection on Gastronomy (Library of Congress) DLC, 1865. A treatise on the art of boiling sugar, crystallizing, lozenge-making, comfits, gum goods, and other processes for confectionery, etc. : in which are explained, in an easy and familiar manner, the various methods of manufacturing every description of raw and refined sugar goods, as sold by the trade, confectioners, and others, Philadelphia: H.C. Baird & Co. Available at: