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Unusual 4-H Projects


This is a list of 126 selected projects gleaned from the OCLC database on WorldCatTM. These are included for historical interest. The states are included, too, but unless the projects are recent, most of the representative states do not have copies of the project materials for distribution. Check with your local library in order to interlibrary loan or request a photocopy of the project manual.

This list was developed by: Jan Scholl, Penn State University, University Park, PA.

If you have projects—old or new—that are similar to these or one of a kind, please contact Jan Scholl at to have your project materials listed at this Web site. We are interested in county as well as state, regional and national 4-H projects. Also, as you develop and publish curricula, secure a copy in your college or university library.

Unusual 4-H projects
Date Title State
2005 Cowboy poetry Montana
2005 Breads around the world Pennsylvania
2003 4-H virtual farm Virginia
2001 4-H ewe flock project guide Virginia
2000 A smile to keep Virginia
1999 Spinning Colorado
1999 Robotix Iowa
1998 Fashion Revue Pennsylvania
1996 Food presentations Pennsylvania
1996 The collection connection California
1996 Rent event (renting an apartment) Pennsylvania
1996 Kitchen science California
1995, 2002 Generation celebration Pennsylvania  
1995 Making artificial lures Illinois
1995 4-H dairy veal project Ohio
1994 Hampsters as a pet project Nebraska
1993, 1987 4-H arc welding ND & IA
1993 I am, I can! (personal development) Oklahoma
1992 Being all you can be Arkansas
1992 A teen concern-alcohol, responsible decisions Arkansas
1990s Radishes to Riches: Produce marketing New York
1990s Fur trapping and management Michigan
1990s 4-H alpaca manual Ohio
1990 Oak tree project California
1990 Genealogy Ohio
1989 Farm family stability program North Carolina
1989 4-H song birds and birds of prey Colorado
1989 4-H project home helper Arkansas
1989 4-H discovery (subject matter) North Carolina
1988-1998 Introduction to the llama Virginia
1988 Guinea pig Nebraska
1987, 1988 Model rocketry Nebraska
1987 Starship self (personal development) Michigan
1987 4-H integrated pest management project Illinois
1986 Youth range manual Montana
1985 Project Concern: What it is like to be old Nebraska
1984 4-H member project for ceramics and plasterware North Dakota
1983 Wetlands are Wonderlands Illinois
1983 Adopt a grandparent special project Arkansas
1983 4-H grasslands project North Dakota
1982 Weed science Arkansas
1982 Short term 4-H project in rock climbing Minnesota
1982 Marine photography North Carolina
1982 Freshwater and marine aquariums North Carolina
1982 Foodways: 4-H folk patterns Michigan
1982 Electric/Electronic project guide Iowa
1982 4-H-A shot in the arm (immunization) Utah
1982 4-H alfalfa project Kentucky
1981 Life in the sea: A project guide for 4-H members Florida
1981 Junior leader alcohol project Nebraska
1981 4-H soybean project Arkansas
1980s? 4-H square dance New Jersey
1980s Field crops project book Edmonton, Canada
1980s 4-H project guide for lapidary North Dakota
1980s (?) "Lucky" the clown (slide set) Michigan
1980 Youth motorcycle project: 4-H Washington
1980 Saw or sew furnishings North Dakota
1980 Rodeo project Washington
1980 Losing weight with a little help from my friends California
1980 International intrigue Colorado
1980 How to be successful Arkansas
1980 Happiness Arkansas
1980 Fins and scales for 4-H members Florida
1980 Bachelor's project Washington
1980 4-H weed project Washington
1980 4-H archery project WA & AR
1980 Peanuts North Carolina
1979, 1947 Corn growing for 4-H club members Louisiana
1979, 1946 4-H club members trap muskrats Louisiana
1979 Go easy on energy West Virginia
1979 4-H jogging project Virginia
1978 Mural designing Wisconsin
1978 Judging food exhibits Utah
1978 Household equipment Arkansas
1978 Group determined project New Brunswick
1978 Getting to know the birds Wisconsin
1978 Dairy project: Visiting a store Mississippi
1978 Buy snacks that look good on you: 4-H marketing Arkansas
1978 American Indian life and lore New Jersey
1978 Alaska cat project Alaska
1978 A teen concern: Venereal disease Arkansas
1978 4-H program for handicapped children California
1978 4-H bean project Wyoming
1977 Learning about Texas reptiles Texas
1977 Community pride Utah
1977 4-H burials: A bicentennial (cemetery) project Ohio
1976 Staging a historical 4-H dress revue D.C.
1975 Reptiles and amphibians Virginia
1975 Colorado turkey raising project Colorado
1975 4-H light horse project Wyoming
1974 Windowsill gardening Kentucky
1974 Pictures on your walls Illinois
1973 Home management for juniors Wyoming
1971 Tear and wear (clothing) project Washington
1971 4-H junior (cloverleaf) human development Georgia
1970s Farm management 4-H project Arkansas
1970s (?) Growing rice in pots Arkansas
1970 Who are you? What's your thing Texas
1970 Aluminum foil dinner project Arkansas
1970 4-H pigeon project Utah
1969 Snakeology Missouri
1969 Identifying rocks and minerals Washington
1969 Associate teen leader project Washington
1969 4-H gas project North Carolina
1968 Outdoor survival Washington
1968 Junior dealer's (business) project Washington
1968 Collecting fossils Washington
1968 Camping for disadvantaged youth Arkansas
1968 4-H reading project Kansas
1967 Dental health project West Virginia
1966 Senior agronomy Georgia
1966 4-H grape project Ohio
1966 4-H climatology project California
1965 Dog obedience Washington
1963 4-H hobby project West Virginia
1952 Let's help mom and dad Nebraska
1951 4-H home life South Dakota
1949 Seeing eye project New Jersey
1949 Making draperies the 4-H way Louisiana
1949 4-H farm forestry project Idaho
1947 First call breakfast Utah
1944 4-H adventure project Wisconsin
1941 Wildflower project outline for 4-H clubs Michigan
1938 The 4-H club member grows sweet potatoes Louisiana
1928 4-H potato project Minnesota
1900-1984? Recreational dancing KY & PA