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Jan F. Scholl, PhD, CFCS
Associate Professor
4-H Specialist, FCS Programs
The Pennsylvania State University
Department of Ag and Extension Education
323 Agricultural Administration Building
University Park, PA 16802
(814) 863-7444

Amy Paster
Associate Librarian
Life Sciences Library
408 Paterno
The Pennsylvania State University
University Park, PA 16802-1811
(814) 865-3708

4-H Plays and Drama


Compiled by Jan F. Scholl, 4-H Curriculum Specialist, Family and Consumer Sciences, Penn State University

Organized by Date

  • Setter, Edith. (1930). Cinderella at home: A good 4-H club play. Franklin, OH: Eldridge Entertainment House.
  • Holloway, Pearl. (1938). The 4-H club tackles father: A modern rural play in one act. Chicago, IL: T. S. Denison.
  • Holloway, Pearl. (1938). Life begins on the farm. A 4-H club play in one act. Chicago, IL: T. S. Denison, & Company.
  • Arthur, Maude, & Arthur, Elizabeth. (1941). Junior rural program builder. Franklin, OH: Eldridge Entertainment House. Plays for 4-H clubs and other youth organizations.
  • Rogers, Ethel. (1945). Plays and stunts for 4-H clubs: A collection of plays, pageants and stunts for the promotion of 4-H club activities. Minneapolis, MN: Northwestern Press.
  • French, Samuel. (1947). French's budget plays: Especially recommended for 4-H clubs. New York, NY: author.
  • Barnes, Robert Franklin. (1961). Identification and analysis of background characteristics and attitudes of adult 4-H leaders and extension agents associated with the Wisconsin 4-H drama program. Masters of Science thesis, University of Wisconsin, Madison.
  • Lightfoote, Mario, C., Harvey, James, M., & Strain, W. L. (1998). Alabama 4-H fostering environmental stewardship. Auburn, AL: Alabama Cooperative Extension System. (Describes role of plays in teaching children and adults about the environment.)