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Arizona Cooperative Extension provides information about 1) cucumber's environmental preferences, cultural practices and common problems in planting cucumbers, and harvesting and storage methods 

  • Cucumber (Clemson University Extension Service)

Home & Garden Information Center in Clemson University offers cucumber gardening information including planting dates, fertilizing, watering, and so forth.  

The Gardener's Network provides information about varieties, days to maturity, sowing, insects and pets, and diseases in growing cucumbers. 

  • Cucumber (UC Davis, Vegetable Research and Information Center)

Vegetable Research and Information Center provides information about cucumber production in CA, cucurbit seed production in CA, home garden cucumber, integrated pest management for cucumber, and postharvest.  

  • Cucumber Gardening Guide (National Gardening Association)

- Getting Started with Vine Crops - Planting Vine Crops - Vine Crop Care - Harvesting Vining Crops

The Vegetable Dictionary of the University of Illinois Extension briefly introduces the cucumber's history and origin, cucumber-planting calendar, seeding, and harvesting processes.

This Texas A&M University page lists frequently asked questions and answers regarding cucumber gardening.

This page helps us to discover how easy it is to plant and grow cucumbers. This page includes information about cucumber types, soil types, and trellis structure.

  • Cucumbers (Home and Gardening Series of University of Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service)

University of Arkansas Cooperative Extension provides well-organized cucumber gardening information. The information includes 1) environment, 2) cultural practices, 3) planting time, 4) spacing and depth of planting, 5) care tips, 6) harvesting, 7) common problems such as insects and disease, and 8) frequently asked questions.

  • Cucumbers (Mississippi State University Extension Service)

Mississippi State University Extension Service provides general information about cucumbers and suggests cucumber varieties for gardening.

University of Delaware Cooperative Extension Service offers Fruit and Vegetable Garden Series. The cucumber page describes planting, fertilizer, pest control, and harvest. 

This page provides information about plant characteristics, growing information, and varieties. 

UF/IFAS provides cucumber planting information for home gardeners as well as farmers in Florida. 

UF/IFAS provides cucumber planting information for home gardeners as well as farmers in Florida. The information covers from Cucumbers In The Florida Garden to A Summary of N, P, and K Research with Cucumber in Florida.

This file contains cucumber gardening information including recommended varieties, how to grow, common problems, and frequently asked questions. 

Virginia Cooperative Extension Service provides general information for cucumber, melon, and squash gardening. The information includes environmental preferences, culture, cultural practices, common problems, and harvesting and storage. 

Colorado State University Extension Service shows how to plant cucumbers in the home garden. It also offers information about pests, pollination, and harvesting. 

This cucumber page describes soil preparation, planting, varieties, diseases, and harvesting.  

This University of Missouri Extension page lists frequently asked questions and answers regarding cucumber gardening. 

This Farm & Garden page provides not only general information about cucumber but also gardening information such as seeding, germination, transplanting, and watering.  

This page describes favorable conditions for cucumber gardening.  

Vegetable Gardening Club provides an overview for growing cucumbers.  

This Horticulture & Home Pest News guides planting, flowering, fruiting, harvesting, and storage of cucumbers and recommends cucumber varieties. 

This Fact Sheet provides cucumber gardening information about climatic requirements, soils, fertilizers, establishing the planting, cultural practices, and harvesting. 

This file provides detailed gardening information for cucumbers, muskmelons, watermelons, pumpkins, summer squash, winter squash, and gourds. The information includes gardening site, fertilization, saving seed, planting, seeds, transplants, watering, weed control, insects and disease, crop rotation, and pollination. 

This Fact Sheet shows how to grow cucumbers, peppers, squash, and tomatoes in containers. For this container gardening, this page provide information about type of container, starting the plants, soil mix, staking the plant, planting, growth, and suggested varieties. 

Penn State Extension service provides information on growing cucurbits such as cucumbers, melons, squash, and pumpkins, and culture and varieties for the home gardener and bedding plant grower. 

This file provides instructions on how to grow hydroponic cucumbers in plastic trash containers. 

North Carolina State University Horticulture Information Leaflets provides trellised cucumber gardening information including soils, fertilizer and pH, varieties, seeding, irrigation, disease/insect control, and harvesting. 

University of Illinois Extension provides cucumber gardening information including varieties, when to plant, spacing & depth, care, harvesting, common problems, and growing Q&A.


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