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Information Literacy Award Winners - 2014

Information Literacy Award judging

1st Place

Danhao Ma
Ultrahigh Power Supercapacitors Using Flexible and Self-Assembled Carbon Nanotube Electrodes

2nd Place

Julie Brustle, Cara Barnes, Dhavalkumar Patel, Jay Shah, Unnati Shah, Olivia Sweger, Maria Stecco
The Relationship Enhancement (RE) Scale: Some Preliminary Findings

3rd Place

Mark Thaler
An Explanation of Committee Behavior in the US House of Representatives


Student discussing entry for Information Literacy Award

Honorable Mention

Shelby Foster, Richa Pursnani
The Role of Osteoclasts in the Invasion of Bone by Breast Cancer Cells

Zeynep  Koc
PKR Activation and Preliminary Studies in Comparing RNA Structures from the Mitochondrion and the Nucleus

Mark Herr
Defensive Behavior and Stress Hormones in a Pitviper Species

Antoinette Mastropieri
A Comparison Analysis of Marcellus Shale Drilling in Washington and Bradford Counties

Sarah DeMartino
The Role of Interest Groups and Governmental Agencies in Influencing Corporate Social Responsibility 

Sarina Katz
The University as an Epicenter of Social Innovation: Defining Roles and Pathways