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Library Classrooms


All events scheduled for today in the Libraries.

Use the "Show Types" dropdown menu to list only classes.

All instruction rooms (unless otherwise noted) have an instructor podium with a computer, wireless mouse and keyboard, as well as a CD, DVD, and VCR player. White plastic toolboxes have been placed in the podiums to organize markers, batteries, and other supplies. Rooms also have a data projector and stereo speakers.

All classrooms in Pattee and Paterno are equipped with wireless lapel microphones located inside the instructor podium. All computers have ZoomText screen enhancement software installed. To access ZoomText, click the yellow Z icon on the desktop.

Instruction labs are available as open labs when classes are not in session.

After class, please remember to turn off the data projector remote and the wireless mouse and keyboard. Please leave the projector remote, keyboard, mouse, and a marker out. Lock the podium.

Except as noted, rooms are scheduled through Library Learning Services. View instruction room calendars.



Pattee and Paterno Libraries