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K-16 Workshops

K-16 Annual Workshops

The Central Pennsylvania K-16 Information Literacy Network will hold information literacy workshops annually. Information regarding these workshops will be sent via the Community mailserv.


Past Workshops and Themes: 2004-2009

Please contact us for more information about any of the past workshops:
EmilyRimland or Ellysa Cahoy

2004: Building a Community of Lifelong Learners: Connecting K-12 and College Information Literacy Standards
2006: Teacher Education and Information Literacy: What Do Our Teachers Know?
2007: Where Do We All Fit In? Aligning the PSSA Assessment Anchors with K-16 Information Literacy Standards
2008: Where Angels Fear to Tread: Devising a Lean and Mean Reference Collection
2009: Communication Tools: Blogs & Wikis and How to Use Them & Games-Lifelong Learning

Want to participate?

Opportunity to participate in workshop planning

If you would like to participate in planning our annual workshops, please send an email to Emily Rimland or Ellysa Cahoy at