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Penn State University Libraries

Request a Class

We're happy to collaborate with you in teaching your students the library research and information literacy skills that they need to succeed academically.

When requesting a library instruction session, please keep in mind the following:

  • Schedule your session at a point in the semester when your students are actively working on a research assignment. It is also extremely helpful if students have their research topics chosen prior to the library instruction session.
  • Schedule your session on a day when you can also attend. Your active presence communicates the importance of library research skills to your students, and helps ensure the success of the library instruction session.
  • Once your session has been confirmed, please email the librarian instructing your session a copy of your course syllabus and/or a description of the assignment that your students will be working on at the time of their visit.

Request a Class

Use this Library Instruction Request Form (University Park Only) to request a library instruction session.