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Self-Guided Tour

Self-Guided Tour

Interested in learning more about the libraries? Take the self-guided tour. Just follow the map at the bottom of this page to the next stop, locate the QR code, scan, and you’re on your way!



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Self-Guided Tour - Pattee-Paterno Library

sample QR code for self-guided tour

The first floor of Pattee-Paterno Library has a self-guided tour.

Look for QR codes (see sample) at various places throughout the first floor and scan them to visit a web page with a photo, informaton about the room or area, and a map pointing to the next nearest stop (sample tour web page).

Below is a sample map. It shows the tour stop at the Central entrance, with an arrow pointing to the next logical stop on the tour.

For a more extensive tour of the Pattee-Paterno Library, or for more information, take one of our guided tours offered four days a week when classes are in session (guided tour information and schedule).


example of a map for the self-guided tour