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Self-Guided Tour

Self-Guided Tour

Interested in learning more about the libraries? Take the self-guided tour. Just follow the map at the bottom of this page to the next stop, locate the QR code, scan, and you’re on your way!



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Knowledge Commons - Group Study Rooms

collaborative workspace in the Knowledge commons

General information on the Group Study Rooms in West Pattee:

  • 4 to 6 users can connect their laptops to “pucks” (Mediascape). What appears on one’s laptop will then appear on the large screen monitors.
  • Macs and iPads require a VGA adapter. These are available at the Knowledge Commons Help Desk. When using a VGA adapter:
    • Make sure Mac laptop is awake and the dongle (vga connector) is connected
    • Manually turn on display in mediascape room
    • Connect dongle to pod connector and wait
    • Does the laptop display on the big screen automatically?
    • If not, click the pod to turn the light green
    • If it still doesn't display, try detecting displays (under apple icon > system preferences > displays > click "detect displays") Once detected you should see 2 boxes, one for your laptop display and one for the external VGA display. Next, set the VGA resolution for the external display to 1920 X 1080 pixels at 60hz
Ma - Group Study rooms in the Knoweldge Commons