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Penn State University Libraries

Purchasing Equipment

This is a list of recommended equipment for purchase by departments, colleges and campuses was created by MediaTech's technical staff. These items have been evaluated and tested to provide the highest quality. For additional information, contact Dave Bagley via phone (814-863-0665) or email (



TOA model A-712

  • For large venue rooms

Rossman model AMP2x45

  • 4 pair of speakers at 10 watts

Audio/Video Switching

Touch Panel

Compact Control System with Ethernet

Extron Matrix Switcher

Extron Mini Two Channel Audio Amp



Video Cable RCA Male To RCA Male

  • 20SD-RCAM-M-(add length here) non-Plenum
  • P20SD-RCAM-M-(add length here) Plenum

Audio Cable Male To Male RCA/RCA

  • 222P-2RCAM-M- (add length here) non-Plenum

VGA Cables

  • E-VGAM-M-(add length here) non-Plenum
  • D-VGAM-M-( add length here) Plenum

VGA Cable with 3.5 mm AUDIO

  • E-VGAMAM-(add length here) non-Plenum
  • G-VGAMAM-M-(add length here) Plenum


Da-Lite PIXmobile Storage Cabinets

Da-Lite PIXmobile Pre-assembled Projection Carts


Ceiling Speakers

Speakers - Ceiling Mount 70 volt

Speakers - Ceiling Mount 8 ohm

  • Niles CM-76

Closed Caption Decoder


DVD Recorder




Data Projectors (DLP)

Toshiba TDP-TW300U

  • 3000Ansi Lumens, XGA

Toshiba TDP-T98U

  • 2500 Ansi Lumens, XGA

Mitsubishi XD60U DLP

  • 1800 Ansi Lumens, XGA, 3.5lbs.

Mitsubishi XD70U DLP

  • 2000 Ansi Lumens, XGA, 4.4lbs.

Data Projectors (LCD)

Epson 830p

  • 3000 Ansi Lumens, XGA
  • Chief RPA6000 Projector Mount for 830p

Epson 7900NL w/o lens

  • 4000 Ansi Lumens, XGA
  • Common Lens for Epson 7900NL - Middle Throw Lens - V12H004MO3
  • Chief SLB024 Projector Mount for 7900

Epson 8300i w/o lens

  • 5300 Ansi Lumens, XGA
  • Chief RPA026 Projector Mount for 83001

Mitsubishi XL25U

  • 2500 Ansi Lumens, XGA

Hitachi CP-SX1350

  • 3500 Ansi Lumens, SXGA (1400 X 1050)
  • Chief RPA-U Projector Mount for CP-SX1350

Digital Still Cameras

Sony CD Mavica MVC-CD500

  • 5.0 megapixels

Pentax Model ist-DS

  • No lens - order lens 18-55 - other lens available
  • 6.1 megapixel
  • Need to order Sandisk 256MB (disk does not come with camera)

Digital Video Cameras

Panasonic 3CCD Mini DV Camcorder

Sony Mini DV Handycam Camcorder

Sony Handycam Camcorder


Distribution Amplifiers


Document Cameras

Wolfvision VZ9

  • SXGA, USB outputs, IP addressable

Avervision 300

Samsung SDP-850



Panasonic Headphones model RP-HT227S

  • Monitor headphones with in-cord volume control

Hearing Assistance System

Williams Sound Personal PA 375 FM Listening System


Laptop Computer

Dell Latitude D810 (15.4" LCD)


LCD Flat Panels

Samsung 40" Syncmaster 400P

Samsung 24" 242MP

Sharp 37" LC-M3700P

Panasonic 42" Plasma Display

Panasonic Speakers for 42" Plasma Display

  • Model TY-SP42P5WK

Mini DV/S-VHS Combination Deck

JVC Mini DV/S-VHS Combination Deck



Models change frequently. Contact MTSS for assistance:


Portable Sound Systems

Anchor Audio Explorer Pro Portable Sound System

  • EBP-6000

Anchor Audio AN-130BP Wireless Sound System

  • 25 Watt Powered Monitor

Anchor Audio MiniVox Portable Sound Systems



Da-Lite Tripod Picture King

  • 50"x 50" up to 96"x 96"

Da-Lite Model B manual pull down

  • 50"x 50" up to 96"x 96"

Da-Lite Cosmopolitan Electrol (electric)

  • 70" x 70" up to 12ft x 12ft

Da-Lite Boardroom Electrol (electric) with Flap

  • 70" x 70" up to 12ft x 12ft

Da-Lite Senior Electrol (electric)

  • 9ft x 9ft up to 18ft x 18ft

Streaming Video Systems


Television Combo Units

Models change frequently. Contact MTSS for assistance:



Models change frequently. Contact MTSS for assistance:


Ultraportable Data Projectors

Toshiba TDP-T40U

  • 1800 Ansi Lumens, XGA

Wireless Microphone System