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Video Production


Video and Photo Production Lab at Wagner

There is a recording studio within MediaTech's office at Wagner Annex.

You can reserve space and time in the studio to produce your very own video/audio and photographic projects.

The studio is equipped with an assortment of light kits, as well as a number of cloth backdrops to give your projects some color. MediaTech has a variety of video/audio equipment and light kits available for loan. You are free to bring in your own equipment or props to use during production.

You can use the cloth backdrops in conjunction with your video/photo projects. Some examples include:

·   Mock interview in preparation for a job interview

·   News Stand-Up for a journalism class

·   Promo Video for your class/student group/business

·   Any photographic project for an arts or graphic design class

There is also a green screen available for use. You will be able to shoot video or take pictures against the green screen and then import your own personal background in the editing phase. For example, you could take video or pictures of someone hanging from a rope in front of the green screen, and then import a picture of a cliff in the editing phase, making it appear as though the subject is hanging off a cliff as opposed to standing in the middle of an editing room.

Once you are done with the production phase of your project, you will be able to borrow one of Media Tech’s laptops equipped with Final Cut Pro, iMovie, and iPhoto to edit your work.

For additional information and the location of video editing labs on campus, visit


Media Resources

The Music and Media Center, located at 211 West Pattee Library, has a substantial media collection available for students to use in conjunction with their video/audio projects. There is no fee involved, and there are no copyright restrictions, provided that students use the media for their school projects.

From the MMC website, you'll be able to search their library, make online reservations for media and contact their staff with any questions or comments.