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NEWSCAT (Penn State access to newspapers, online, paper, microformats by geography, time period or language)

Centre Daily Times Indices (CDT Obituaries 1937-2014 and CDT Index, 1981- 2002) Academic Passes (PSU students ONLY)

Penn State Student Newspaper Readership Program


News & Microforms Library
21 W Pattee (ground floor of Pattee Library, West Entrance, near MacKinnon's Cafe)

Eric Novotny, History Librarian and Coordinator of Microforms

News Librarians

or Your Campus Librarian

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The News & Microforms Library faculty and staff provide reference assistance for all collections housed in the News & Microforms Library, as well as assistance with all of the different types of equipment available to view, scan, save & print microformats.

Visiting researchers not having a Penn State Access Account and wanting to send scans via email or save to a jump drive will need a Short Term Access Account for Research (STAAR) available from the Commons Services Desk. Network printing is not available with STAAR accounts.

To Print from Canon 800: Visitors may obtain LionCash+ cards and/or resident borrower cards at the Commons Services Desk. [Instructions to add funds]

Request resource in an alternative format

ST Viewscan II [#5]

  • View, Scan, Save, Print Microfilm, Microfiche, Superfiche, Microprint, M-cartridges

ST Viewscan III [#6]

  • View, Scan, Save, Print Microfilm, Microfiche, Superfiche, Microprint, M-cartridges, Slides [color]

ScanPro 3000 [#2]

  • View, Scan, Save, Print Microfilm, Microfiche, Superfiche, Microprint, M-cartridges, Aperture card

Canon 800 Microfilm/Microfiche Viewer [#3]

  • View Microfilm, Microfiche/Superfiche, M-cartridge

Canon 800 Microfilm/Microfiche Viewer/Printer [#4]

  • View, Print Microfilm, Microfiche/Superfiche, M-cartridge
  • Prints are $0.16/page, LionCash+ only

Gideon Microfilm Reader [#1, #7]

  • View Microfilm


  • Listen to sound on computers
  • In-room use only

Memory Card Reader

  • In-room use only

Receivers & Headsets (Sony Walkmans)

  • Sound for TV 1 [left; 101.5], TV 2 [center; 99.9] and TV 3 [right; 89.3], is accessible to patrons using the receivers and headsets
  • In-room use only

Flatbed Scanners

Network Printers

  • Two (2) Black & White printers ($.05 per page, single or double-sided)
  • One (1) Color printer ($.15 per page, 8.5 x 11) ($.30 per page, 11 x 17)
  • Printing Services (Network printing info)


  • Cost: 8.5 x 11 or 11 x 17, single-sided are $0.15/page, double-sided are $0.30/page [LionCash+ or coins]
  • Black & White
  • Enlarges to 200%
  • Reduces to 50%
  • Handicap accessible

Remote Printing Station