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News & Microforms Library
21 W Pattee (ground floor of Pattee Library, West Entrance, near MacKinnon's Cafe)

Eric Novotny, History Librarian and Coordinator of Microforms

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Types of Microforms

"Microform" is a general term used to describe the microfilm, microfiche, or micro-opaques (types) used for the storage of documents that have been photographed and reduced in size in order to conserve space or to preserve materials that deteriorate rapidly

The News & Microforms Library Libraries has collections in the following microform formats:

reel of microfilm


microfilm: long strips of transparent plastic rolled onto reels






super-fiche: rectangular sheets of transparent plastic stored in envelopes (can hold up to 500 page images per fiche)

photograph of microfiche


microfiche: rectangular sheets of transparent plastic stored in envelopes (can hold up to 98 page images per fiche)


photograph of microopaque


micro-opaque (or microprints): rectangular sheets of card stock stored in boxes. Though an obsolete micro-format, the Libraries retain numerous collections on micro-opaque.