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Penn State University Libraries

Student Comments About Open House

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Selected Comments from the Open House:

“Seeing my friends, getting free stuff, and learning more about the Library. I went to Penn State because of the layout of the libraries, and it's great to learn more about them.”

“I have never been to the library and now I have an understanding of what is offered here. Everyone was very nice and helpful and I will definitely take advantage of all of the wonderful resources here.”

“The open house was a very creative incentive for students to learn about the library. I now know where I can look within the library for specific types of books, as well as where I can go for help.”

“It was a chance for me to learn about the library, which was something I would not have done on my own.”

“This is an excellent idea for freshman and transfer to get in touch in the resources that Penn State has to offer.”

“The open house helped get me acquainted with the library and I was really glad I learned where to go for my major.”