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Policies and Guidelines



These guidelines apply to use of SRTEs by University Libraries’ faculty at all locations.

SRTEs are to be administered according to the following minimum frequency:

  • Fixed Term Faculty (I, II, or Multi-year) – each time a course is taught
  • Assistant Librarian or Tenure-eligible Librarian – once per course per year
  • Tenured; Assistant and Associate Librarian ranks – once every two times a course is taught
  • Tenured; Librarian rank – once every three times a course is taught

Faculty may elect to use the SRTE more frequently if they desire.  Results from all SRTEs administered will appear in the dossier (in summary form) and personnel file (all results).

  1. The SRTE should be used the first time an instructor teaches a new course or a course which he/she teaches for the first time.
  2. For courses which are team-taught, each instructor may be evaluated separately, using a special code to distinguish between the instructors.
  3. The online SRTE is to be set up by the Department of Library Learning Services, or appropriate staff at campus locations, at least two weeks before the end of the classes.  Procedures for setting up, making available, and notifying students about the SRTEs are contained in the document: Managing Online SRTE Forms
  4. Individual faculty may elect to add up to five additional items from a pool of questions provided by the Provost's office.  Faculty may also use and/or develop additional questions including free text and open-ended questions for students to answer with the SRTEs.  These will be administered with the online SRTEs.
  5. Online evaluations are not administered during a class period. Faculty who wish to improve student response rates may consult “Faculty Strategies for encouraging students to fill out SRTEs”.
  6. Schreyer Institute for Teaching Excellence provides online reports for SRTE results for classes of any size including independent studies. Library faculty may access their results online.  Additional assessment methods may be used for all classes.

Reference the following University documents for additional information:

Effective Date: February 5, 2014
Date Approved: February 5, 2014 (Library Faculty Organization)

Revision History (and effective dates):

  • December 2003 - Revised guideline
  • April 1991 - Revised guideline
  • March 2004 - Revised guideline
  • February 2014 - Revised guideline

Last Review Date:   February 2014