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Penn State University Libraries

Consultation Services on Digital Projects and More - to advance your research and scholarship

Faculty, staff, and students may consult with us on a variety of issues and activities, including:

  • Copyright and intellectual property rights
  • Data management planning
  • Digitization projects
  • Scholarly publishing (e.g., online journals, research data, students' scholarly work)

Contact Linda Friend or Patricia Hswe for a consultation in any of the above areas.


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Digital Project Proposal Form

Online Submission       Download PDF  


Copyright and Intellectual Property Rights

Penn State's website points to valuable guidance on copyright concerns. Below is a listing of resources created by the Libraries, Information Technology Services, and the Office of the Provost:


Data Management Planning

The Libraries can help you manage your research data, whether it is to meet a funding agency requirement as part of your grant proposal submission, or to understand more clearly how to manage data for a current project, or simply to get a better handle on organizing and curating your own research data. 

We have created a Research Data Management Toolkit to help you get started on data management planning. In addition, please access these research guides and tutorial on data management planning:

  1. Data Management Toolkit
  2. Data Repositories and Tools
  3. Data Management Planning Tutorial
To consult with a librarian on management of research data or for help with a data management plan, contact

Digitization Projects

Publishing and Curation Services unit works closely with Special Collections and Archives and with Digitization and Preservation to produce quality online collections for the benefit and use of Penn State faculty, staff, and students.

You may find information about our conservation and preservation practices on the web pages of Digitization and Preservation.


Scholarly Publishing

PCS helps manage a range of journal and monograph publishing activities in collaboration with the Penn State University Press. Among the journals jointly published are The Pennsylvania Magazine of Biography and History and Western Pennsylvania History

We are also partners with the Graduate School on the Electronic Dissertations and Theses (eTD) service and with the Schreyer Honors College on the Electronic Honors Theses (eHT) service. 

We continue to advise on scholarly publishing ventures and encourage you to contact us with any questions or ideas for expanding our efforts. For information on publishing of journals or conference proceedings, please see this page on our site.