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Open Access Week Activities at the Penn State Libraries


Open Access Week 2013

Open Access Week 2013 is Oct. 21-25!

The University Libraries have invited Katherine Rowe, Professor of English at Bryn Mawr College, to talk about a current digital humanities project - details below. Please join us on Wednesday, Oct. 23, at 2 PM in Foster Auditorium, Paterno Library. After the talk, there will be a reception in Mann Assembly Room.

Title: "A Walking Guide to Virtual Shakespeare."

Description: When scholars design virtual environments, they use a distinctive motor rhetoric - walking. Prof. Rowe will explore the rhetoric of scholarly walking in the context of a small set of virtual Shakespearean locales online.

Bio: Katherine Rowe (Ph.D., Harvard) teaches and writes about literature and media change. Trained as a Shakespeare scholar, she turned her attention to questions of media history and adaptation. Her courses explore the history of reading, writing and performance, from the Renaissance to the digital age. She is also Bryn Mawr College liaison to the Tri-Co Digital Humanities Center. Prof. Rowe is cofounder of Luminary Digital Media, a small commercial publisher of next-generation mobile reading experiences, including Shakespeare’s The Tempest for iPad.

Promotional poster showing Shakespeare and speaker Katherine Rowe




Open Access Week 2012

Open Access Week 2012 will be October 22-26. That week, the LIbraries' Colloquium Committee and Publishing and Curation Services will host talks by Mike Furlough, Associate Dean for Research and Scholarly Communications, Penn State University Libraries; and Nick Disabato, creator and leader of the Publication Standards Project. We will also show a webinar produced by the World Bank and SPARC.

Monday October 22

Opening Access to Research: From Concepts to Actions

Mike Furlough, Associate Dean for Research and Scholarly Communications, Penn State University Libraries

1:30-2:30 PM, Foster Auditorium

The Internet was built to connect researchers and speed their work. It is now the irprimary means of access to information... in the developed world. It's easier than ever to share knowledge with those who have access. But who has access, who should and how? Mike Furlough will provide an overview of the history and key concepts of the open access movement, including steps faculty and students can take to keep their work open. 

Set the Default to Open Access


4:00-5:30 PM; Foster Auditorium, Paterno Library

The World Bank, which recently implemented its own open access policy, and SPARC (the Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition) are sponsoring a 90-minute discussion between panelists from stakeholder groups including researchers, students and policymakers. We will link to the live webcast from Washington, DC. For more information about the event, visit the SPARC website; Twitter users can also follow and post updates with the hashtag #WBLive.

Tuesday October 23

Digital's Rising Tide: DIY and Publication Standards in Digital Collections

Nick Disabato, creator and leader of the Publication Standards Project

1:30-2:30 PM, Foster Auditorium, Paterno Library

Digital publishing presents many challenges for authors. Now they have a real choice between traditional publishing and self-publishing, with the latter gaining more traction. Marketing needs to change its ways if it's going to adapt to new consumer attitudes. But archiving might be the biggest issue in the long run – especially as many different formats, some proprietary, compete for commercial platform dominance. What are the different formats of ebook, and how does their progressive obsolescence affect archival? How does user-generated content affect this? What are authors and publishers thinking as these changes unfold? And what are the ramifications for publishers, authors, libraries, and readers?

Reception and Discussion of Open Access

2:30-3:30 PM, Mann Assembly Room, Paterno Library

Nick’s presentation will be followed by snacks and an open discussion in Mann Assembly room in Paterno Library, where Nick and attendees can expand on the themes of his talk including digital collections, self-publishing, and internet disruption. Bring your questions and ideas!


Publicizing Open Access Week Wherever You Are

Open Access Week is an international event celebrating the principles of readily accessible scholarly information for everyone that is generally free of copyright restrictions. Here are some ways of broadening awareness for faculty and students about open access:


Prezi on Open Access Week

openaccess slideshow


Open Access Week 2011

"Scholarly Conversations on Open Access"


Open Access Week in 2011 was October 24-28. That week, the LIbraries' Colloquium Committee and Scholarly Communications Services hosted two speaker events - talks by Kathleen Fitzpatrick, Associate Professor of Media Studies at Pomona College and Director, Office of Scholarly Communications at the Modern Language Association; and Thomas Colledge, Assistant Professor of Engineering and Design at Penn State. The recordings of their talks are linked below.

~ Kathleen Fitzpatrick ~

~ Thomas Colledge ~


See the Penn State Live newswire about this speaker series.


Poster for Open Access Week Speakers