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Dean's Administrative Office
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Martha Conner Memorial Fund

Purpose: The purpose of this fund shall be to provide scholarships for undergraduate students who plan to pursue graduate training in library administration upon the completion of study for their baccalaureate degrees.

Amount of Fund: The principal of this fund ($10,000) has been contributed by Grace C. Whittemore in memory of her sister Martha Conner. Scholarships will be awarded from the earnings of this fund, but any residue of earnings not awarded in a particular year may be retained for award along with earnings of the following year.

Eligibility: The recipients of these scholarships shall be undergraduate students who have a need for funds to meet their necessary college expenses who are seriously interested in enrolling, or are actually planning to enroll, in an accredited graduate school of library administration and who are maintaining a satisfactory undergraduate academic record.

Selection Procedure: Recipients of these scholarships shall be selected by the scholarship committee of the College of the Liberal Arts which, for this purpose, shall also include the University Librarian.

Amount of Award: The number of scholarships granted each year and the amount of each award shall be dependent upon the amount of earnings available from the Martha Conner Memorial Fund.

Term of Award: Each scholarship shall be awarded for the duration of one academic year, but may be renewed by the selection committee if the recipient continues to meet the conditions of eligibility.

Amendment: The Board of Trustees of The Pennsylvania State University shall have the authority to make any changes in this proposal which may be necessary to ensure the fulfillment of the above-stated objectives.