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Library Information Literacy Tutorial

Quiz 1 - Reference

For each of the following information needs, check yes if the answer could best be found using a reference source, and no if a reference source would not be the most appropriate source. To decide, think about whether the answer is going to be quick and easy or long and involved. I don't mean quick and easy TO FIND, I mean the answer itself is relatively straightforward.


Please answer yes or no to the following questions:
Yes No  
The chemical symbol for potassium
The population of Mexico
How to integrate a multicultural component into the kindergarten curriculum
The most recent year's sales figures for the Hershey Company
Everything you ever needed to know about marketing strategies
List of past winners of the Pulitzer Prize for Journalism
All the issues involved with launching your company into e-commerce
Biographical information on Jim Morrison
A picture of a balalaika
What is the average salary of a college graduate with an engineering degree after the first year out of school?
A detailed history of the conflict between Israel and Palestine

How do I find the source that contains the most recent sales information for the Hershey company?

Please select the best answer:
Ask a librarian
Do a Yahoo search