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Special Collections Library
104 Paterno Library
University Park, PA 16802

Telephone: (814) 865-7931
Fax: (814) 863-5318

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Special Collections Photo Tour

Patron entering the Special Collections Library


We are located on the first floor of Paterno library, behind double glass doors. Do not be intimidated! Come on in.


Photograph of the Special Collections Library Reception Area


Upon entering, you will see a row of exhibit cases. Feel free to peruse our exhibits at your leisure, and when you are ready to check-in, just go to the big desk in the corner.


Patron receiving a locker key at the reception desk


A friendly staff person will check your photo ID and give you a key to a locker, which will be located in a small room just around the corner.


Patron storing items in locker


You'll need to store your bookbag, pens, and any food items. You should keep your photo ID on your person, and you can bring paper, pencils, and a laptop with you to the reading room. You can also bring a camera, although you will need to make sure you have permission to take photographs of specific materials.


Staff assisting patron at the reference desk


You'll walk back through the front room, past the exhibit cases, and through another set of glass doors to reach the reference desk. Here, you will talk with a library professional who will help you with your research.


Patron filling out a registration form


You will fill out a brief patron registration and materials request form.


Patron receiving materials


Then you will choose a table in our reading room, and we will bring you the items you requested. In the photograph above, our patron has requested photographs, and is therefore donning gloves, which we provide.