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Digital Collections Review Team Digital Toolkit

  • Timeline: Annual calendar including dates for submitting proposals
  • Useful Links:
    • UL Strategic Plan
    • Subject Specialists (useful for finding collaborators)
    • Copyright Information


Bonnie Osif, Chair, DCRT

DCRT Timeline

Deadlines Updated Annually (with some exceptions)

Late July, early August


November 30




January 30






June / July


DCRT publicizes the call for digital project proposals via email and Interview.

Deadline for submitting a preliminary proposal Request resource in an alternative format.
Submit early! As soon as a preliminary proposal is received, DCRT will schedule the preliminary meeting.

DCRT schedules consultation/meeting with proposers to help strengthen the project proposal .

Deadline for submitting final proposal to DCRT.

DCRT reviews all proposals, asks proposer for additional information if needed, considers information from I-Tech, Digitization and Preservation, Cataloging, Collections Services Advisory Group, and Digital Operations Team (DOT).

DCRT comments and rankings are forwarded to associate deans.

Project proposers are notified of decisions by associate deans and DCRT chair.