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Please note that with our recent web redesign, some tutorials have been archived and are currently unavailable.

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  • Academic Integrity
    Even if you’re familiar with general violations of academic integrity (plagiarism, copying, and so on), things can, and do, get complicated. This series of modules will provide a basic definition of academic integrity and explain practically how to avoid plagiarism, cheating, and other academic integrity violations.
  • Finding Arguments Using Opposing Viewpoints       NEW!!
  • Evaluating Information      
    This tutorial provides a framework for thinking critically about the information you encounter… or making yourself a nice lunch. Hopefully both.
  • Using Google Scholar   
  • Using Scholarly Databases  
    Jumpstart your research with a quick orientation to the best places to start research using library resources, plus quick instructions as to how to best conduct a search in any database 
  • How to Use ILLIAD to Request Articles 
  • How to Use Wikipedia
    Provides some tips on how to use Wikipedia properly.

  • Begin Your Research  
    This series of video tutorials will help you get started, explore your topic, and dig deeper. The resources showcased are your portal to some of the most reliable and in-depth information around.

  • Choosing a Topic
    Choosing a Topic can often be hard. Follow five simple steps to make the entire process much easier. (A PRIMO award tutorial)
  • Creating a Concept Map
    Create a concept map to help narrow and focus your topic.

Library Tutorials
and Informational Materials

LionSearch 2.0

A series of three tutorials on the new version of LionSearch:

  • LionSearch 2.0: Getting Started covers searching topics, narrowing results, reading articles or books
  • LionSearch 2.0 and Your Research Project: Starting covers scholarly sources, specific disciplines, saving results
  • LionSearch 2.0 and Your Research Project: Finishing covers combining terms, finding specific publications, output options for the things you find

How to Find Videos by Title in LionSearch
This 2:45 minute basic video tutorial shows how to find videos by title using LionSearch.

Finding Library Materials




Criminal Justice



Data Management Plans

The Data Management Plan tutorial is designed to help Penn State faculty, students, and staff involved in grant proposal writing to understand what a DMP is, what it enables for a research project, what goes into a DMP, and how to think through some of the issues that can emerge with data.  








Other Resources