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Penn State University Libraries

Evidence-based Practice Tutorial

Step 2 - Find

Locating evidence to answer a clinical nursing question or to support the development of a nursing policy requires an understanding of the information resources available to you through the Penn State Libraries system and elsewhere.

The following resources are organized sequentially to assist you in a systematic approach to searching for Evidence-based information. If the first resource doesn’t help you with your question, try the next on the list, keeping in mind that there may not be evidence available for your question(s) in the exact format you envision. If no one has studied or published research results on your topic, you may need to infer from research on similar or related topics.

To learn more about how to implement an effective search strategy, click on the Learn how to use link provided for each resource. To access the database, click on the name of the individual resource.

Accessing Databases

Because this tutorial is designed for use at both the Penn State Hershey and the Penn State School of Nursing, there are links for some of the materials that are unique to each institution.

  • If you are employed at the Hershey Medical Center, you will look for resources with the Harrell Health Sciences Library link.
  • If you are a student at Penn State, you will look for resources with the PSU link.

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