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Evidence-based Practice Tutorial

PICO Worksheet and Search Strategy

Following are the questions included on the worksheet. For a PDF worksheet you can print and complete, please download the PICO Worksheet (PDF).

 PICO Worksheet and Search Strategy

Define your question using PICO: Population, Intervention, Comparison, and Outcome.





Write out your question:

List the main topics and terms from your question that you can use to search.



Check any limit that may pertain to your search:

__ Age __ Language __ Year of publication

Type of study/publication you want to include in your search: (From Step 2 of tutorial)

__ Systematic Review or Meta-Analysis

__ Clinical Practice Guidelines

__ Critically Appraised Research Studies

__ Individual Research Studies

__ Electronic Textbooks


Check the databases you searched:

__ Cochrane

__ Joanna Briggs


__ Clinical Evidence

__ AHRQ Evidence Reports

__ Guidelines Clearinghouse

__ ACP Journal Club

__ Evidence-Based Journals


__ PubMed Clinical Queries

__ UpToDate

__ MD Consult


What information did you find to help answer your question?

This form is adapted from: Syrene A. Miller, PICO Worksheet and Search Strategy, National Center for Dental Hygiene Research