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Visual Image User Study  (VIUS)


VIUS Reports Series

Initial User Study

General Focus Groups
1.1 General Faculty Focus Groups
1.2 General Student Focus Groups

General User Surveys
2.1 Introduction to General Surveys
2.2 Analysis of General Surveys
2.3 General Survey of Faculty
2.4 General Survey of Students

Focus Groups on Specific Topics
3.1 Faculty Focus Groups on Luna's Insight™
3.2 Faculty Focus Groups on MDID™
3.3 Faculty Focus Group on CONTENTdm™
3.4 Agricultural Sciences Focus Group

Environmental Assessment

Penn State Resources
4.1 Survey of Public Collections
4.2 Survey of Individual Collections

Metadata Ideals
5.1 Metadata Work
5.2 VIUS Crosswalk
5.3 Initial Plan for VIUS Data Element Definitions

System Ideals
6.1 List of Ideal Database Features

External Review
7.1 Summary of Comments of External Reviewers

Prototype Services and their Evaluation

Database Service
8.1 Development of the Prototype Database Service
8.2 Concordance of Monuments in History of Landscape Architecture Texts
Concordance Spreadsheet
8.3 Notes on Database Service Demo and Discussion
8.4 Think-Aloud Protocol Study of CONTENTdm™ Interfaces
8.5 Survey of History of Landscape Architecture Students - Fall
8.6 Survey of History of Landscape Architecture Students - Spring
8.7 Authentication Logs
8.8 Case Study in Microcomputer Support for Individual Collections

Peer-to-Peer Service: LionShare
9.1 Description of LionShare Architecture
9.2 Faculty Focus Group on LionShare

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